Monday, January 31, 2011

Have you noticed?

I have added a new feature on Meet the Boutique! :)

Trusted Boutiques - anywhere you are, and that way you can find those trusted boutiques because after so many people getting scammed, and a lot of owners not receiving payment! I felt like it was time to add a Trusted Boutiques for those who would get exposure along with great reviews and giving both buyers and owners CONFIDENCE!

Owners you will be able to comment about the purchaser underneath your image as well, just write their name "@John - Quick Payment, patient while I was working through the crazy busy days, and even sent a tip!" <--- that's an example. Be sure to get confidence!

So if you are a boutique/owner of a business be sure to submit the following to
- LOGO (must be visible in the photo album view)
- FB Fanpage
 and other links you feel you'd like to add.

Must have 5 reviews in order to stay in the trusted boutiques showcase. If you don't have "ANY REVIEWS" in the 5 day span after being added, your boutique will be taken down, and you re-apply again.

You are not limited to 5 reviews, but your customers/clients may add to this alternative page as well to boost your trust sales. :)

Thank you everyone, and for those who have requested this additional feature!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally a Question! :)

{Note: Meet the Boutique is here to answer your boutique questions, kind of like "Ask Sally" or what not, but these are about Boutiques/Businesses}

Be sure to send in your questions via[at]gmail[dot]com :)

First off here's the question:
Here's a question for MTB, how do you say no to custom orders? Do you say no to custom orders? Do you have a limit? I would love to wake up every day and just make stuff. No rhyme or reason, just whatever comes to me. Etsy would be a good way to go for individual listings, but there's no customer interaction like with FB. I don't have time to create because I'm swamped/overwhelmed with custom orders. It's 2 am, but all of my ABSOLUTELY necessary orders for tomorrow are done. I'm having to stop orders next week so that I can work on taxes. I hate saying no to people, maybe other boutiques can help. Might make a good blog. Or did you already blog something like this?
Honestly, I have a problem saying "No" sometimes as well, BUT back to your question(s), you could either A) state it on your site, that you will no longer be accepting "custom" orders, but people can inspire {suggest ideas} you. :) B) You may always put a limit on how many you'd accept during a month of time, and that you have slots open if they'd like to purchase, but make sure that they are certainly interested. {pay before you make or deposit (something)} C) Put together color combinations, and show styles of what you do they can pick a color combination and the style, a little custom but not fully.

I totally hear you on having too many orders, and being overwhelmed! I've been there, so I get that! Etsy is definitely a great place to get the items you'd like to make sold :) definitely you should aim for Etsy for the individual listings and more!

But do what's best for you! These are just some suggestions, and Boutiques be sure to leave some feedback of what you think might help or what you would do! Have a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Promised

First off, sorry it's been one of those weeks, where I can't catch up on anything... actually maybe that's been this whole month.

So breaking down your page is what I want to talk about here on MTB today! :)

Have you ever noticed the Insights that is labeled underneath your status posts from your fanpage?
You must have, if you are admin, only you can see them.

Ever wonder if people are seeing your posts, and how many of the impressions actually "like or comment" then here's the in depth of that. :)

You want to know what your impact is on some of your viewers? Then you take a look at impressions.

I've highlighted both in this screen capture..
So on Tuesday at 7:17p only 365 impressions on people, that could mean a multitude of things, like from the time of 7:17p to the time that I checked back approximately 6 hours later, only 365 times was this post appeared on the wall by my "likers". It counts how many times it was shown up on someone's newsfeed. It could be approximately 20 people's walls this same post in their news feed and it appeared 365 times. The break down on impressions is that not necessarily are people going to "see" your post but how many times it appeared on their news feed.

Notice the Feedback says 1.10% meaning that's a guesstimate of how many views actually liked or commented on your post. Generally it can give you an idea of 1.10% of 100% left feedback. Like my general statement above is that it could appear on 20 people's news feed whether they see it or not, but only 1.10% left feedback (comment, or like).

I hope this gives you an idea of how to work with those mini-insights. :) I always try and aim for the time of day that people would be on the computer, and I always try to leave it an open-end question that will get me Feedback! :)

More to come for the in depth insights that aren't quite clear! :)