Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Promised

First off, sorry it's been one of those weeks, where I can't catch up on anything... actually maybe that's been this whole month.

So breaking down your page is what I want to talk about here on MTB today! :)

Have you ever noticed the Insights that is labeled underneath your status posts from your fanpage?
You must have, if you are admin, only you can see them.

Ever wonder if people are seeing your posts, and how many of the impressions actually "like or comment" then here's the in depth of that. :)

You want to know what your impact is on some of your viewers? Then you take a look at impressions.

I've highlighted both in this screen capture..
So on Tuesday at 7:17p only 365 impressions on people, that could mean a multitude of things, like from the time of 7:17p to the time that I checked back approximately 6 hours later, only 365 times was this post appeared on the wall by my "likers". It counts how many times it was shown up on someone's newsfeed. It could be approximately 20 people's walls this same post in their news feed and it appeared 365 times. The break down on impressions is that not necessarily are people going to "see" your post but how many times it appeared on their news feed.

Notice the Feedback says 1.10% meaning that's a guesstimate of how many views actually liked or commented on your post. Generally it can give you an idea of 1.10% of 100% left feedback. Like my general statement above is that it could appear on 20 people's news feed whether they see it or not, but only 1.10% left feedback (comment, or like).

I hope this gives you an idea of how to work with those mini-insights. :) I always try and aim for the time of day that people would be on the computer, and I always try to leave it an open-end question that will get me Feedback! :)

More to come for the in depth insights that aren't quite clear! :)

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