Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bask in the wonderful Boutiques!

Ok, so this is a Hump day, the middle of the week, the WEDNESDAY of all WEDNESDAYS! lol, not really but more or so, it's the start of new grocery ads, and the start of the end of the week. Well, it could be right?

I've decided for Meet the Boutique today will be a re-cap of the wonderful businesses who were mentioned/featured on MTB :) It's an honor to have all these wonderful ladies participate, and share their story!

First off, I'll start off with Jennifer over at Chunka Munka Bowtique! She's still in business and just finished up the Christmas BOWnanza! :) She's been super busy, but loves what she does! Check out Tina's Pixie Petal Creations adorable new dresses, and she recently made a Christmas dress and a matching tie for daddy. Angel over at The Wedding Whisperer, still has ideas and tips and tricks to making your big day a bit easier! Emily over at American Tutu she is having a contest until December 31, 2010. Check out her adorable new creations, and this past Christmas season she donated a toy for each order that was placed! :) What a wonderful thing!! Lia over at My Heavenly Bowtique recently had a show on December 4th, 2010 as well as some new pettiskirts, and models added to Model Source. Now A Diva's Design has had so much going on this past year, she had a 'You Create and She Makes', there was also the Diva/Divo of the month, and let's not forget she has new zipper jewelry available! Stop on by and say 'Hi' to Nikki! :) Renee over at Bijoux par Renee is Peave Love and Jewels, she is looking into the rings part of art. You have plenty of ideas and creations to choose from. Remember our photographer that was *SPOTLIGHTED*, Desirae Todd? Well, so much as been happenin' over on her part of the woods! She had a photographer giveaway, she then had a 2000 fan giveaway of a Free session, and now she has decided what area of photography that she will focus on which is Newborn photography. Don't worry she will still do other types of photography, because face it, she loves photography! Desirae Todd Photography is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Don't forget Katrina over at Doll Baby Bowtique, who just had a mystery giveaway for helping her find the perfect tagline. She has been a busy bee as well, she now makes items for boys! Yes, boys! That's pretty awesome since, I can never find many boutiques that make things for boys that boys will LOVE! Autumne over at Baby Creations Boutique, has made little purses with some matching pigtail bows, and super adorable new items. Right now, she is closed maybe until the middle of January. She has been having Health issues, and to top it off moving. Keep her in mind though for the awesome ideas, and many of the cool items she will have and more pictures coming soon. Get better Autumne, and good luck on the move! Aida over at Cabecitas Lindas Couture, wow! They have been pretty busy! They were featured in the media for having a Tea party in the town square to introduce their celebration of brand experience, read about it here: Magical Tea Party At Central Park Ushers In New Store.

That's the wonderful list of the past boutiques that were featured in September! Woooohooo, and I'm glad that they are improving and growing everyday. Stop by each one and say 'Hello' and that you found them through MTB! These links are all Facebook connected, but you may view the websites that are found on their pages. Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed the wonderful feature today!!

Just click to vote below! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a little note..

Good Morning there to ALL my readers!

Have you noticed the new layout, a more organized feel. :) There is a button that links to the website where I received this for 'FREE'.

I also have been pretty busy, but I have noticed that the email inbox for MTB is pretty lame, there isn't anything in it! Come on ladies and send in your stories, if you have sent in a story and hasn't appeared here, please contact me here:

As I was going through all of the older posts, I noticed a few or more have closed down, meaning they no longer exist. If you have moved, switched names or changed any of your info, please send it this way :) I am going to do an honorable mention, and go back through each 'boutique' page to check up on them! :)

I've got quite a few topics to bring up in MTB for boutique owners would you be interested?
- How to gain more fans.
- How to use the Facebook Insights
- Maintaining a fanpage
- Dealing with customers
and more!

Would this be something you could use? Would it be something you'd like to see on Meet the Boutique?

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year, and Changes

Alrighty, so now we don't really have any more submissions.. :((

I will be making this more about owning your own boutique, anything you have questions about?
Also, you will be able to send in problems and get some answers of your boutique!

Some new things to keep in mind for the new year.

  • Reviews 
  • Stories 
  • Polls
  • Info
  • FAQs

This is a way to get innovative help, and support from others! Send me your button. Do you have a blog as well? Send it this way!

The new year is fast approaching, and I will be able to get this blog more organized and give it the attention it deserves. Bare with me while, we move on into the New Year! Guinea Pigs will be acquired, during this process.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Denise

Denise is behind the Pretty Nails Party LLC.

Her favorite color is PINK, and doing nails & gardening is her hobby. Italian is her favorite food!

This might be the coolest thing ever to do for a girl's birthday, when it all came together for Denise. She was planning her daughter's birthday when it struck her that all the other little girls would love it, and at the party it was a hit. All the other girls wanted a Pretty Nails Party at their own party. Denise is not only a Pretty Nails Party owner, she is a licensed Nail Professional! She enjoys and loves what she does! Seriously, all these cool things for girls, really makes me feel like I'm missing out on a baby girl. I hope to have a girl in the future, Thank you ladies! lol

Let your LOVE be your highest goal - is the quote, and I love it! Thank you Denise for sharing your story!
If you are just now reading this, please stop on by and check out the previous post! :) Have a wonderful day!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Good late evening to all my fans and followers alike, if you don't make it known, "secret stalkers" :) But that's ok, because I love you all the same! You all make Meet the Boutique possible, and I'm looking into maybe changing it up a bit.

Since it has started, I feel like I need more info of the Owner, maybe some interaction with the readers and those who do become a "fan" of your page voluntarily! :) {For example, new followers of that day get a 25% off their first order?} "Just an idea", because MTB is a FREE tool for those to follow new business, network with others, or just to find a great story! {No Pressure!}

Ok, so back to the changes... I want to change MTB to be more about the owner, originally that's what it is based on, but I would love to expand on it. What are some questions, or things you'd like to know about the owner, besides why they are doing what they are doing? I want to know a little bit about the person behind the boutique, the inspiration of course is a MUST, but what about a "fact" about them? For example, I am Leila, the face behind MTB, who loves being on the computer, loves to network, and loves to stay busy. Let's not forget the creativity of skills, I have, and the "super" mom part of me! Ok, ok, maybe the last part isn't true, because I do feel bad for slacking. Honestly, it's the Holidays, and I love to spend it with my family, our tradition at the house is of course "MILKSHAKES" it's been my kick since last Christmas, but it's been a "BIG" part of this year. {I'm a dork, I know!}

Ok, so I do have a little filler outter for you all! I would love to get feedback, and so far... just one! C'mon this blog must be boring, so let's spice it up a little more!

Fill it out here, Please & Thankyou!

I will be adding the VERY few that I have left up until the last of the year. Please don't forget, I have deleted the "friend" page because of the *new* facebook rules. You will still get a shout out on the fan page, but please share and suggest with your friends. By the way, if you have specials and such please feel free to tag the page, and mention it on the wall {but limit it to 1 time a day} Thank you, I don't want to have a WALL filled with just one boutique. Thank you so much for everything ladies, and gentlemen for making MTB possible, I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway or BASH for the New Year are you interested? Email me at Have a great night/morning depending on when you will be reading this. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Kathleen

Meet Kathleen who's behind the Southern Sweetery!

Kathleen makes Old-fashioned homemade fudge! Her favorite color is green, her Hubby's pasta sauce is her favorite food! Hobbies are reading, baking, making fudge, and helping out friends and family.

Kathleen wasn't having any luck finding a job. She tried to figure out something she could do from home to make some extra money. Her daughter started Two Girls Boutique and still didn't have any ideas. Kathleen didn't want to step on her toes. She made some fudge for the guys at her husband's job, and he came home with news that 2 guys wanted to pay her to make them fudge! Thus, Southern Sweetery was born. She has since found a job outside of the home, but will continue to make the yummiest fudge ever!

Her favorite saying is "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup" lol, it's pretty funny! :) Stop on by and check out Kathleen's shoppe, and be sure to say Hello!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Amie

Amie is behind the Ruby Loop! :)

Her favorite food has to be anything that she can dip! :) Colors are anything Bold, BRIGHT, and Mixy matchy! Amie loves to go shopping, read, sew, and of course the most famous Facebooking! :)

Avec mon Amie, was her original couture label means "with my friend"... the most fun she's had would be with her friends, and as a princess of the most High King, she always wanted to put her best foot forward in all that she does to represent Him. She's blessed by Him with 3 beautiful girls and many talents, she intends to put to good use, giving Him glory along the way! Ruby Loop is when she took off! Ruby came from the verus Proverbs 31:10-31, where it talks of a virtuous woman being more precious than rubies. Loop, is because she wanted to keep all of her designer friends in the loop! To help promote other women in businesses and to share the blessings of Him, is just a small part of her boutique ministry!

Her favorite verse is Proverbs 31:10-31. Ruby Loop offers Boutique hair bows, custom boutique clothing and accessories for children, babies, adults, and tweens! Check out her adorable boutique, and let her know you saw her on MTB :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Samantha

Samantha is the lady behind Little Darling Divas!

Chicken and Rice are her favorite foods! Red is her color, and let's not forget her hobbies list isn't quite that short but she loves to read, and take long drives, don't forget shopping!, of course playing with her daughter and last but not least watching movies with her fiancée!

She started Little Darling Divas from making bows while she was pregnant with her daughter, and started by selling them on ebay, then a few months ago she thought it would be a great and a super great idea to start a Facebook fan-page for it! :) Her daughter Brinley, is her inspiration. Brinley is the reason for what she does what she does, and her inspiration! It's not just when it comes do her doing things for her boutique. Little Darling Divas got its name from Brinley, who we respectively have nicknamed "Diva". She is fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her daughter and any future kids they may have! LDD makes tutus, flower clips, bows, personalized onesies, burp cloths, diaper bloomers,  and so much more! They also have pre-order bags, apparel, baby shoes, and such! LDD loves to work with their customers, and if you have or know of a custom order, stop on over at LDD :)

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!" her favorite quote, and I love it!! :)
Stop on over at Little Darling Divas tell her you saw her on Meet the Boutique! :) Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Apryl

Apryl is behind the Forever My Baby Boutique!

Mexican food is her favorite! Pink is the favorite color! Crafting is her hobby! :)

Apryl was in the Army for 5 years and her last year in she became pregnant with her son! She got out when her contract was up due the risk of getting deployed. She did not want to leave her son behind. Her husband served as well and they both moved to Texas from New York when his contract was up as well. Her son was  about 1 year old before she found out she was pregnant again with her daughter. She never really knew about the whole boutique thing for kids, until after she found out she was going to having a girl. Her sister-in-law was also having a girl, so they decided to paint wall letters for both of their girls. She also made some for her son. After doing research online she found out that everything was very interesting. {sometimes google is horrible, getting us hooked lol} Apryl says she is soo picky, and that she's a perfectionist at everything she does, she decided to make her own things. She has had so many friends and family tell her how great her stuff is and that she should sell it {the famous line}. It never crossed her mind before, and she figured why not. If people place orders, then she can get to do what she enjoys doing all the time. She has always been an artsy, crafty kind of person and she's really not into making a lot of money. She does it for the joy of painting and crafting. It's her hobby, and even if things do not work out with her business, she will continue to do what she loves for her friends and family! {I love that! You have PASSION} :) Apryl is coming up with new things to do, paint or sew. Apryl believes it will be something she'll be doing for the rest of her life, when her kids are grown with kids of their own, and start all over again! :)

Her favorite verse: "Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. Love never gives up. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Thank you for sharing your story Apryl! :) I can tell the passion you have, and it will continue to grow during this journey of the "boutique world" :) Stop on over and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda behind Little Miss Thing!

Her name is Amanda, and she is the lady behind the "Little Miss Thing" boutique :)  Lime Green is her favorite color, taco and or pizza is the "FOOD" {YUMMY}! She loves to hang out with her two kids Josie aka "Little Miss Thing" who they are trying to adopt her she's been with them since she was 5 weeks old, and their honeymoon baby who's 7 months, Hunter. She loves to be with her family when it's nap time or bedtime, and make crafts. She loves her fans and tries her best to please them!

Amanda loves what she does, and does what she loves. Josie's nickname is how the boutique came to be! :) Her quote: "Laugh when you can, apologize when you should. and let go of what you can't change. kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly take chances, give everyhting and have no regrets life is to short to be anything but HAPPY!! <3" but she feels this one best describes her "Not only do I trip down the stairs... i also trip up them; now that's talent!.. Now don't get me started on flat surfaces...!" (TOO FUNNY!)

Thank you for sharing your story Amanda, have a great day! :) For my readers stop on in, and say Hello from Meet the Boutique! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Amber

Meet Amber the boutique owner of Baby Lili Boutique!

Cheesecake is her favorite food! :) {YUMMY!} Pink is the favorite color! Crafting, Sewing and playing with her baby girl is great!

Baby LiLi Boutique is a mother/daughter business inspired by the addition of their new Baby Celia to her family. They started creating accessories for her shortly after she was born. They loved making the accesories so much to share their love for all the things pretty with others. Ina is what they call their Grandma, who started making beautiful dresses, pettis, and leg-warmers. Amber (the daughter) made the first handmade tutu and flower for a beautiful crochet hat, and never stopped. They are both casualties of the airline industry, but found their new love in creating beautiful, affordable products for little girls of all ages. They only offer products that are good enough for their Baby LiLi to wear. They enjoy the feeling of sharing their passions with others.

"Keep our little girls fancy!" Super adorable items! Be sure to stop on by and let them know you found them on MTB :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Candace

Candace is behind Alabama Rose Creations!

Candace loves Mexican food, her favorite color is pink, and crafting is definitely her hobby!

Candace is a stay at home mom and now her baby is in pre-school! She decided she needed a hobby. Candace has 3 girls, and started making hair goodies, bows, headbands and more. Then it struck her that she could make a few dollars so she started selling them, and now she's dabbling in making Christmas Ornaments.  She will be holding her first craft show in December and she's super excited.

Her favorite quote is "Seriously..." {I love that one too!}... Stop on over and tell her Hi! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Cindi

Cindi is behind the Cindi's Diaper Cakes!

Cindi loves sweets, and loves the colors of the rainbow. Making things for others and spending time with family and friends are her hobbies.

Cindi started her business, because it was all based off of her twin sister's first baby shower which in everything just spiraled into Cindi's Diaper Cakes and More! Cindi started making items just for her sister's baby shower and then winded up making gifts for family and friends as well. From then on it burst out into Cindi's Diaper Cakes. Just from reading a few or more of her reviews, Cindi personally takes care and responds to each and everyone of her customers, and fans!

Stop on over and say Hello! Don't forget "This is a perfect cake, but careful don't Eat!" is her favorite phrase!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Christy

Christy is the lady behind Christy's Creations!

Christy and her husband just celebrated their 11th anniversary this summer, they have been together for 16 years. She is the mother of a 2 year old boy, that is full of energy!! He is the apple of her eye and she never happier, than when he gives her hugs and kisses!! Christy loves to scrapbook!

Christy recycles t-shirts and sweatshirts to make scarves, and the scarves are all one of a kind. She offers sports teams (Professional, College, and High School), Cartoon Character, Sayings, and others that are just cool designs. The scarves range in price from $7 to $15. And 100% of the proceeds goes to Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society. She can take special order scarves if someone has a shirt that means something to them but they can't wear it anymore, she will make it into a scarf for a reduced price (since she is not providing the shirt). Christy wanted to start doing something easy in the craft department so she started searching the internet for easy crafts. She wants to raise money for Relay for Life and she came up with making and selling the scarves. She stumbled across a site that showed several different ideas and when she saw the scarves, she knew that she could make it! She researched a little bit ore and found a couple sites that were selling them for $25 and some where getting over $40! She decided that if she could get people to donate shirts, she won't have any other expenses besides the thread and replacement needles.  Christy won't have to charge as much, and not only did she get shirts, donated but thread as well! Once, the shirts started coming in it was just the plain colors for the added part, so she had to hit up some garage sales. She picked up some great finds for as less than a quarter to a $1. Still a low expense, but RELAY gets the rest! She has made over 100 scarves which most of them are available for purchase on her fanpage! She also has other items for sale that the Proceeds go to Relay for Life... Book marks (Shown are Breast Cancer Awareness but I will make them by request also), Pink Ribbon Auto window stickers, Suncatchers, Buttons, and Ornaments (also doing Personalized). Most of the items are all Breast Cancer Awareness, but most can be customized to the customers needs and all the Proceeds go to a great cause. Christy doesn't have an actual Business, she does this out of her home. They make excellent Christmas Presents and each purchase helps a great cause...

Stop on over at Christy's Creations and say Hello! :) 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah the owner behind Mommy Maid It!

Her favorite food is Pineapple Pizza! [NO way?! I love Pineapple on my PIZZA TOO!] Sarah's favorite colors are pink, pink, pink, and some more PINK! Hobbies are scrap booking, card making, bow making, cooking and of course playing with her kids.

Sarah has never "NEVER" bought her daughter bows. It just wasn't in their budget. Sarah looked on eBay and in little boutiques, but she could never afford them. Sarah wanted to make her daughter a little birthday bow, and she would wear it out and to school and people would say how cute it was. Then after awhile she taught her daughter that if anyone says they like your bow, say "My mommy made it!" After awhile it was catchy, and now my little bowtique is named "Mommy Maid it!", because sometimes it seems, she is much more of a maid than a mommy. She thought it was relate-able. Another thing Sarah likes people to know is that when purchasing something handmade items it is helping out a family! Sarah would much rather buy something handmade just for her, while helping another mom! Sarah is a little different and quirky but it shows through her designs, and that's who she is as a person. :) Her ultimate dream is to open a little boutique in Morro Bay, Cayucos of Cambria, CA she pictures it being very pink! :)

Stop on in and say Hello at "Mommy Maid it!" let her know you saw her on MTB!! Can you guess what her favorite quote/phrase/saying is??

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet Cecelia

Meet Cecelia she's the owner behind Bows By Cece!

Pink her favorite color! Chocolate is her favorite food! :) Making bows, taxi driving her girls to ballet 5 days a week, gardening and reading are her hobbies.

Cecelia is a mother to 3 wonderful girls, ages 3, 6, and 13 and also the proud wife of a U.S. Soldier. She started making hair bows 4 years ago when the Army brought them to their current duty station and uniform school. Since hair bows were the only stylish thing her daughter could wear, she scoured the Internet for instructions. Cecelia is 100% self-taught! It took a life of it's own since then. She's endured 4 deployments, and now that she's doing it full time, it keeps her busy and focused. Military themed hair bows are her favorite to make. Along with needing to finance her ribbon addiction, they have also developed a ballet addiction! In January 2011, their youngest daughter will be joining the older daughters/sisters, in ballet, YAY! Selling creations has given Cecelia so much satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as who doesn't love making little girls smile?

Her favorite quote/phrase "You git whatcha git, and you don't pitch a fit. You git whatcha git, and you like it."~ her daughter's kindergarten teacher last year (I love it!) THANK you SO MUCH Cecelia for sharing your story with MTB! Stop on in and check out Bows By Cece! :) Tell her you saw her on MTB :) Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Valery

Meet Valery she's behind the This-n-That Boutique

Favorite color is red, and Mexican food is her favorite! Her hobbies is to shop garage sales, and thrift stores. She loves to turn something old into something new. Valery loves to spend time with her kids and watch them laugh and smile. She also loves to bake and do crafts of course!

She has always had a love for crafts, Valery grew up with a mom who did crafts and sold them to local stores in order to stay home with the family. Valery has always had dreams of behind a stay at home mom, and she worked full time until my fourth child was born. At the time, she met her now husband with his 3 kids, and then her 3 kids which made it 7 and it was just better her to stay home and for him to work full time. 2007 came along and she quit her job to work from home. Since then, she's tried to get her craft hobby turned into a business and has given up quite a few times. Valery is now focused and is ready to try it again, and she's not giving up this time! The joy she has had in the past 3 years staying at home with her kids is the motivation she needs. She loves being there for them to put them to bed at night, and wake up in the morning with them. Her children are her true inspiration for why she does what she does.

"If it does not break you, it will only make you stronger" is her favorite quote, and I personally love that! Thank you so much Valery for sharing your story, and readers please be sure to stop on by and check out her This-n-That Boutique tell her you saw her on MTB! :) Have a wonderful Wednesday all of my favorites!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet Darlene

Meet Darlene the owner behind Fairy Tale Boutique!

Mac N Cheese is her yummy treat!! :) Hot Pink is the favorite color. Her hobby is making things for her boutique. (A great hobby choice!)

Darlene is a mom of a beautiful daughter named Kayla. She is a stay at home momma watching your daughter grow! She started making bows for her daughter, and then thought a lot of other Mommy's would love the things that she made/makes for Kayla. So, she teamed up with another mommy friend of hers, and they became Fairy Tale Boutique!  Darlene definitely loves what she does, and seeing the smile on her customers faces. Darlene enjoys seeing photos of happy customers in their items. Darlene is hoping to become really big one day in her boutique, and make it her side job while going to college. She would love to say Thank you to all her fans and customers, you are all very awesome!

Live, Laugh, and Learn is her favorite quote/phrase! Stop on in and let them know you found her on MTB :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Faith

Meet Faith who is behind Two Girls Boutique

Chocolate is her favorite food, Purple is her favorite color, and who can forget reading is a great hobby and Faith loves it!

Faith's story is short and sweet, she started her business not too long ago. She has two daughters and she stopped working to stay at home with her daughters. Money began getting tight, which of course we are looking for another side to helping out financially and she ran into a mom on Facebook and her journey gave her inspiration to join her along for the ride, in which they opened "Two Girls Boutique" working together and sharing inspiration and journey's together.

"It doesn't matter how fast or hard you fall, it still hurts." her quote she loves. Stop on in and say "Hello" let them know you found them on Meet the Boutique! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica behind the Ladybugs & Lilypads!

Peanut Butter Cookies are the favorite food!! :) Purple is the color, and let's not forget anything crafty is the hobby... (teehee <3 that!) 

Jessica is a stay at home mom to 3 children which are 2 girls and a boy! :) She started making tutus and bows shortly after she learned that her third child would be a girl. Jessica loves the big bows (who doesn't?), but didn't want to spend a fortune trying to match all the outifts (agreed!), so she self-taught, herself on how to make them and now she just cannot stop, she's basically addicted. Ladybugs and Lilypads has M2M (Made to Match), Clippes, Bow & Tutu sets, and much more. Ladybugs and Lilypads got it's name from her oldest daughter being referred as the little ladybug and her youngest daughter's name is Lily! She loves custom orders and is always up for a challenge!

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens" is her favorite quote/saying. Stop on in and Tell Jessica, "Hi" be sure to let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique! Have a wonderful day! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Meridith

Meridith is the boutique behind Fayette Boutique :)

Burnt Orange is such a great color, let alone her FAVORITE! :) Sushi is her favorite food (YUMMMMMMY!) Sewing and creating are her hobbies.

Meridith worked full time, and never really wanted to stay home, but deep down she wanted. Her husband really wanted her to be a housewife, respectfully. Few years went by and that's when she realized what she was to be doing with her future and that was to be creating her own thing at a craft show. Meridith already tried her hand at making tutus and posted them on Craigslist while she was working, and realized there wasn't enough time to be working and doing tutu's on the side. Meridith felt that putting her notice in once the large client season was over. Few months before, her schedule had changed and was working only 4 days now and thought everything was perfect. Starting picking up her hobby again and started making tutus and matching hair bows, and then started to look for craft shows to book. In the 2 weeks, she found out that her company was now over, and there were only a few weeks til the last day. Devastated about losing friendships, her husband made her realize that everything would be OK, and that her main focus has changed. Meridith started off as Bug-A-Boutique but soon got tired of the name, and named it officially Fayette Boutique in which Fayette means Little Fairy. She was making beautiful work and couldn't keep up with ideas. Meredith's best friend from work let her borrow her sewing machine and from there she learned how to sew which was even more exciting. It took some time for her boutique to take off but gone for a week from Facebook, all of a sudden she was backed up on orders, and was very pleased, and very thankful for it. It has slowed down, but she is not wanting to be 24/7 busy because to her it's mostly a hobby, and she thoroughly enjoy and loves doing it! What's heart warming for her is seeing and hearing that Mommy's face light up when she receives her custom order or hearing how the tutu at the baby shower was such a HIT! God truly touches her heart in moments like those. She has craft shows lined up and attended one so far that wasn't that busy, but she looks at the bright side of it and takes it as an experience. Living and Learning is an experience. Meridith's husband is her supporter to the end, and with everything else. Meridith's thrilled about her new beginnings and even though she doesn't rely on the income now, maybe someday it can be a reliable source. Meridith is proud to be a house wife and so blessed to have the talents for which He gave her. 

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13, stop on in and say "Hello" and be sure to let her know that Meet the Boutique sent you! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Jane

Meet Jane who owns KoUntRy Kreations!

Peanut Butter ice cream is her favorite food! [YUM! :)]  Purple is her favorite color, and making handstuff and donating is her hobby.

Jane is new and just starting out. She is a cancer survivor and she donates 100% more than she sells, because she makes and donates to cancer center patients. She donates quilts to them for warmth and comfort during their radio/chemo treatments. She can never keep up with the demand as their little quilting group makes about 150 per year! She lived in West Virginia for 2 years and fell in love with handmade primitives cause they were not available in her area! Something about Jane is that she loves to help others before she helps herself! Someone mentioned to Jane that she should start listing her items and extras for giveaways and donations for others. Jane is very thankful and blessed that God made who she is today, a Cancer Survivor, and a new grandma to a wonderful grand-daughter.

"I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strengthens!"~(Phil 4:13) Stop on in here and say hello! Let her know you found her on Meet The Boutique! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Lara

Meet Lara over at Bon AppeSweet!

Italian is her favorite food, and Blue is her favorite color... her hobby is anything that she can bake! (Sounds fun!)

Bon AppeSweet is a Lara's specialty cake shoppe! Inspiration came to her during her daughters 4th birthday party. They had a huge family, and lots of friends to share the celebration with that the 'CAKE' had to be the best part! All the bakeries in the area were charging an arm and a leg for the cake that they were looking for, even though it was a very simple cake. Lara's friend knew the person who did her husbands groom cake, and she was the cheapest and best pricce out of all the 25 places they looked at. Upon recieving the cake the night before the party, it was a disaster, the cake was already falling apart and coming to pieces, and it looked like the lady had put pins in the cake, and it was lumpy, and things were missing. The cake didn't look like anything that they were discussing previous to receiving the cake. After the party the cake lasted about 1 1/2 days before it spoiled. Lara wound up throwing away large portions. It was a sad day, and a disaster. Lara was convinced that she could do a better cake, and thus BonAppeSweet was born. Lara found a way to purchase supplies at a very low cost so she may be able to charge customers less without having to sacrifice the taste, quality, or the looks of cakes. Lara has tons of options and lots of ideas!

"Baking your dreams come true" :) Stop on over and join her group here. Website here.  Let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Ashley!

Meet Ashley behind Ashleys Bowtique and More!

Ashley loves Mellowcreme pumpkins (sounds really good), PINK is the color she loves! Crafting, making hairbows, tutu's and anything else that she can think of are her hobbies.

Ashley and a friends started making little bows for their newborn babies over 3 years ago. It started off slow, sold some here and there and it did good. Ashley then decided she would make a facebook page to sell her stuff, which is slowly picking up... she just started it, and would love to have new fans!

Stop on over and say Hello, let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet Diana

Meet Diana from Sweet Marie Designs :)

Chocolate is her favorite food :) (YUM!) Pink, purple, and green is favorite colors. Sewing, reading, and playing with her kids, is her hobbies! :)

Her shop started off pretty slow, but she was looking for something to do at home, and having a shop online was the key, to getting it to work at home. Only problem she saw was that no one would want anything she would or could make. She took a chance, and posted some items on her personal page, and she received a really great response, so she took the chance and started her fan page. Diana does this for her kids and family, she wanted to help her bring in some extra income so they could do more things that were fun and as a family! Diana's shop has since then grown and has been a blessing to her and her family. A BIG-THANK YOU to all her fans for making it possible, you are all very great!

Stop on over at Sweet Marie Designs, and let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Jean

Meet Jean she's the creative lady behind Bebe A La Mode! :)

Her favorite food, is of course Ice Cream! :) Pink is the favorite color. Sewing, painting, drawing, and shopping are the best hobbies.

Bebe A La Mode happened a little over a year ago, since her daughter is her inspiration. She started Bebe A La Mode just making the bows for her daugther. It has been Jean's dream to do something big and this was it, she wants her daughter to grow up knowing that her dreams can and will come true! Jean will love her daughter to have an appreciation for art and creativity since Jean is constantly showing it through her work :)
Jean can't wait for Bebe A La Mode to have a physical storefront one day, a big thank you to everyone who appreciates and enjoy's her creations!

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Stop on in and let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique! :) Click here, or here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth she's behind Crafty Moms'R'us and EBows!!

Cheddar cheese is her favorite food. (sounds oooh so good!) All kinds of green are her favorite colors. Reading with her kids, making bows, and of course the almighty FACEBOOKIN' (ahahaha, so true for me).

It all came together for Elizabeth after her first child was a boy and then 10 years later her baby girl came! :) What do mom's do when they are expecting a baby girl? Go shopping for all the cutest things in the world for their precious one! She went to a local boutique and paid $12 for a purple bow attached to a headband. So simple of course, and it of course isn't that hard to make on our own. Elizabeth spent hours on the internet looking for "How-to's" on making bows, headbands and more. It took her about 2 years before she thought they looked good enough to sell. "You should sell these" was heard once again ;). Her daughter had reached 6 months old her husband had an accident at the railroad. They had made a decision before that he had for 8 years to take a job with the railroad, so they could finally afford a 'REAL' home. He was only at the railroad for 3 months training, with probationary period, before he would be in the union. Elizabeth's husband slipped off a ladder on a train car, and she just lost her job when returning from maternity leave in December. He was only a few days away from being in the union when they fired him. Elizabeth thus though she could sell some of her bows, but it seemed that more money was being put into supplies than profit coming in. Elizabeth is cursed with Anxiety, which she didn't feel so comfortable selling to strangers so much, thus she started a Facebook page EBows, which is easy for her to handle her anxiety. She owns another page, which is Crafty Moms'R'us in which she reached 1000 fans the first month. Which helped her with her not being so nervous.

"Treat others as you would have them treat you! And read to your children often."  Stop on by and meet Elizabeth at Craty Moms'R'us! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Samantha

Samantha is the lady behind King's Scentsations!

Snack Cakes are super delicious, and irresistible, that's why it's her favorite!! (YUM!) Purple is her favorite color, and being active is something that she loves to do as her hobby!

She is a single mother of a 14 month old baby boy.. she is very proud of him and he's such a joy! Samantha is a full time student and work part-time, as well as keeping up with King's Scentsations. Samantha started making some extra money that she could use for her son, and then once she started doing it it became an addiction! Samantha loves interacting with all of her  "boutique friends" and of course playing all the comment games, photo tagging, flash games. :) She started selling necklaces which she makes, and now she's working on another page that will have perfume oils, and oils that you roll on just like perfume. Fragrances she'll carry will range from all over a top designer brand, straight down to our favorites like vanilla. She is very excited to gain new friends in the process and of course growing her business with the inspiration of her son.

Her favorite quote, "Everything happens for a reason" :) Stop on over and say Hi! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Toni

Toni is the owner behind Handmade Hairbows!

Homemade Mac&Cheese is her favorite food! YUM! :) Blue is her favorite color, and reading and bow making is her hobbies!

It all started by making bows for her daughters. Toni really enjoyed making bows and other stuff for her daughters that she decided she would start making them for others to enjoy as well. Her husband is in the Military and since he deployed most of the time she needs something to keep her occupied. She enjoys making bows and she loves making new ones!! If you have something you might want, see if she'd make a custom order for you!

"I love you, Mommy!" is what she loves to hear! Stop on in and check out Handmade HairBows and let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Debbie

Meet Debbie, she's the lady behind Toadily Handmade by Debbie Hughes!

Ice Cream is her favorite food, and Purple is her favorite color! Making crafts is her favorite thing to do.. :)

Debbie's story may be about financial reasons but her crafting is helping them greatly! Debbie's husband lost his job, and they got tight on money. They went from a very good income to one low income, when with two young teenagers wanting everything that was popular and latest styles they were pressured to find another source of income. When everything started for her starts here.. Debbie's husband came home with a pair of homemade earrings for her and she says he says "everyone has $5.00 to make themselves feel good". Debbie has always made her own cards, scrapbooks, and more. Thus, she would try to make her own jewelry to make some few extra dollars not much, but she found that she could make jewelry. Debbie packed up her a small table and went to the local trade day and sold two items a grand total of $22.00. She went home a little heart broken but she started on looking for something a little bit better, and made bottle cap necklaces, earrings, bows, and bow holders. Sooner rather than later she had received a permanent booth and was asked for by people coming to the trade day, asking "Where is the bottle cap lady?" From that day on, she has been growing, with 245 fans it's wonderful! There is no need to over price just as long as she can make a little extra to pay bills. She loves what she does and she loves her customers for making Toadily Handmade by Debbie Hughes possible!

Favorite Quote and saying is: "God is good all the time and all the time God is good." Stop on in and say Hi! :) Great items, and a Great lady! Let her know you saw her on MTB! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Kerry!

Kerry is the brillance behind "Creations by Kerry"

Kerry loves Purple! Pork Dumplings are her favorite (OOOOOh sounds yummy!)! She loves to paint!

Her childhood changed her when she got a crafting set one Christmas, since then never looked back! (Keep on crafting!!) Kerry's grandmother still has the owl that she constructed out of noodles :). She began sewing ten years ago and fell in love! Kerry has sold her many sewed good to friends, and local shops, but 3 years ago it broke, and couldn't afford one at the time. Kerry channeled her crafting else where a year after that, and started making some headbands and clips for her oldest daughter. Thus, could not afford the supplies so she had to put it behind her. The help and support she recieved from her father was great that he bought her supplies and she began making things again. Kerry has several joint and health issues that crafting is a great way for her to escape from her struggles. Kerry's proud to share her creations with each and every person out there! Thus she has hope and creativity in her hair accessories she would love to one day get back to her sewing machine!

"Cowardice... is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend functioning of the imagination." Kerry favors the words above.

Stop on in at Creations by Kerry, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Heather!

Alrighty Heather is the creator behind "Kennakins Bows n Things"

Anything Italian is good, and yummy!! :) PINK is her favorite color!! Most definitely loves to sew and of course make bows in her spare time (coming up with new things!)!

Heather started making bows because she wanted THE "CUTE BIG BOWS" for her daughter and she couldn't find a place anywhere that had exactly what she is looking for! Heather decided she would try and make her own from there and then it "snowballed" [in her words] from there. Of course all her friends started buying [they are your best supporters! or should be!] and then from there that's when Kennakins Bows n Things opened! It is named for her daughter Mckenna! From 6 months ago since, she started, Heather's added tutus, pillowcase dresses to her list. It's more WORK now than just a HOBBY, but guess what Heather LOVES it! She's not complaining!! She would love to say that she "LOVES" all the people who have kept her going!

"If its meant to be, it will be." and that's very true! Just keep at it of course, and "it will be"! Stop on in at Kennakins Bows n Things and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you for sharing your story Heather!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Jessica!

Jessica is the brilliance behind Jess Fabulous Designs!

Jessica's favorite food is Mexican!! (YUM-O!) Red is her favorite color! Jessica loves to Camping, shopping, and crafts (who doesn't love it!)! :)

Jessica started doing crafts about a year ago, and she started with fun crafts with her daughter and it was Halloween decorations! As they finished it turned out super cute, and so she expanded and made some votive candle holders for family and friends for Christmas. She got the "you should sell this" line from everyone and so she got to work on getting some designs together about a month ago, then found her way to Facebook, and from there it's been fabulous. Jessica has expanded from Votive Candle holders to making vases, and ornaments just to name a few! :) All her products are very original and can me custom made to the customer's liking! Jessica totally loves what she does!

In a month, Jessica has grown! That's splendid! Stop on in and check out Jessica here! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Melinda

Melinda is the lady behind "Stork Bows Boutique"

Mexican is her favorite food! Orange and Brown is the colors that she loves! Crafting and Interior Designing are where she uses her focus. :)

Her name is Melinda, she's married to the love of her life, who happens to serve in the United States Army, They have 2 beautiful little girls, Avah, and Bryanna! Stork Bows Boutique started when she was pregnant with her first daughter, she bought tons of head bands and clips from the store. Once her daughter was born, clips did NOT stay in her hair and she did not like wearing the headbands, so Melinda got to work looking online to buying some, but they were just sooooo expensive! She spent so much money on them, and decided to just try and make them herself, and it was like a second nature to her, because she LOVED it! It was a great way to end her days after caring for a newborn all day and a great stress reliever, which she has been doing for almost 4 years now! (WOW!!)  Growing up she had one best friend that she's been BEST of Friends with since they were 6 months old, and they are STILL BEST FRIENDs to this very day! Coming up with the name "Stork Bows" was based off that, her friend was very short, and Melinda is very tall, and she used to be very tall and very skinny, with long legs, so her friend would call her Stork! Thus, it was a name and something different that was associated with babies, so Stork stuck! :)

Stop on in and check her out! Check out her facebook here, and her shop here. Let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Have a great day all!! Thank you, Melinda for your cute story!! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet Kelly :)

Kelly is the owner behind Mia Sue Minerals :)

Green is definitely her favorite color, as her whole FORM was in green!! :)) (lol) Homemade Italian is the favorite food!! (YUM!) She loves working on Jigsaw puzzles, Word search puzzles. Loves doing some Kayaking, Fishing & Camping as well!

Kelly got started with another Mineral Make-up Company which owner wasn't much help, but when orders are in it takes 3 weeks to fill. Kelly was getting tired of the horrible customer service, and it was draining her customers having to wait so long! Kelly decided to take on the reigns and start her own Mineral-Makeup Company! The name Mia Sue Minerals came from the inspiration of her mother. Kelly and her business partner were thinking of a name for the business early January 2010, when her mother went into emergency surgery to remove a "males fist sized" tumor out of her brain. Kelly's mother is doing great but still fighting her aggressive brain cancer. The name came to be as her mother and her would call each other "Mama Mia" and "Sue" when she was a little girl. :) Naming the company between the two came as Mia Sue! :)

Stop on in at "Mia Sue" and let her know you saw her on MTB :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Tonya Holsey!

Tonya is the owner behind KadyBug Boutique!

Tonya's favorite colors are all the shades of PINK! :) Favorite food (which I have to agree with!) TEXAS CHEESE CHILI FRIES from Chili's (YUM-O!) Her favorite hobby is to Graphic Design! (Mine too!) :)

Tonya's little girl has definitely been her inspiration in her KadyBug Boutique! Tonya starting creating things and has to ask herself first "Would Kailyn wear this?" and if she can answer yes, than she knows she will sell it! (Cute!) Kailyn loves fashion and especially accessories, she also helps her mom pick out colors and embellishments! Tonya loves to know what her daughter thinks is exciting to her, and what "KAILYN" would love to see! By the way the little Diva is THREE! (Mommy's little helper!) Tonya started this company 4 years ago while she was preparing for Kailyn to make her entrance. Researching DAY and NIGHT and bought every single tutorial she could! Tonya wanted Kailyn to have the cutest thing of everything and wanted them to be perfect! Of course 4 years later Kailyn is definitely her business partner! YAY!

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."
— Marilyn Monroe

Stop on in her boutique, let her know you saw her on MTB!! :) Have a wonderful day all!!
I will be posting a question M-F now, if you could all give feedback, I will start posting discussions in the blog soon :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Monica!

Monica is the wonderful and brilliant person behind the "Cutsie Bowtique"!

Monica's food of choice would have to have ANYTHING chicken in it!! (SOUNDS GOOD!) Hobbies consist of anything Crafting, Photography, Painting, Drawing, and of course SHOPPING (Don't we all do it!?)!!

Cutsie Bowtique started as a way to make some extra money and stay home with her baby! She couldn't let her daughter go to a babysitter or daycare so that she may work because her daughter just had open heart surgery in March. The doctor advised her to stay home with her, to reduce the chance of her getting sick or getting an infection. Almost 7 months have passed since her surgery and Monica now is able to go back to work, but doesn't need to. ALL of her WONDERFL customers have allowed her to stay home with the kids. Monica can't express how much IT means to her, she enjoys making all the things, and hoping that it shows in her products. She would love to extend a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL HER CUSTOMERS AND FANS!

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." -- Judy Garland (I love that quote!)

Thank you, Monica for sharing your story! Stop on over and let her know that you saw her on MTB!
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Beverly or Bev :)))

Meet Beverly or Bev :)) She's the designer behind ButterBeans&ChicPeas :)

Click above for her Etsy Shoppe!
ALL-things PINK is the color she prefers!! Favorite food is Cold PIZZA (omggggg I forgot that I LOVED THAT TOO!! (= ) She loves to sip on lattes (YUM!), and she's in the south so SWEET TEA is what she drinks!! According to her grandmother her hobby is the computer.. (LOL). Beverly is into BLOGGIN', a little bit too addicted to Etsy, Facebook and more. (She had a Facebook, before Facebook was cool! That thing called "Myspace" lol) {ME TOO! i love the internet!} She OBVIOUSLY loves love loves loves LOVES SEWING!! She does -like- to cook and bake with my little sweetie Emma (The youngest of 3, but the only girl! :) ).

 Super sweet lady, her inspiration for her Boutique was simple it started out with a FABRIC addiction! (I've sewed before -little things-, but I'm impatient and I have stubby fingers to be messing with needle and thread period!) She honestly loves what she does, and what she does she LOVES. Beverly loves to whip up things (custom orders) and try new patterns out! She prides herself on HOW quick can get things done, but it's probably because she doesn't get out of her Office/Studio/Sewing room much, implanting her laptop and sewing machine to each side of her hips... other than that, it a REAL joy to know that she made someone's day! After listing many items in her Etsy shop and only having the support of friends, she finally took off by doing lots of custom orders. Her creations have been in at least 5 weddings, and it's pretty NEAT to be a small part of someone's BIG DAY!

Beverly's loves being able to offer Boutique Styles at MOM approved prices for all of her customers and of course tweaking things just a bit to make that special item truly OOAK (ONE OF A KIND!)

Her sayings are forever changing  but at this moment she's been saying "Glad to hear it!" or "mmmHmmm" which works to answer so many things...

Stop on in and let Beverly know you saw her on MTB :) Have a great day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Victoria Armijo

Victoria Armijo is the face behind ABC Creative Learning :)

Click above for their store!
Her color is and has to be HOT PINK! :) (LOVEs it!!) Favorite Hobbies are made up of reading, baking free allergy food for her daughter, and weekly Stroller Stride Classes with her daughter of course! (Who wants to push an empty stroller, we all need those biceps right?!?!) Must have FOOD is Mexican!! (yum-o!)

Behind ABC CREATIVE LEARNING is Victoria a great teacher!! Her inspiration for ABC Creative Learning was all her fellow teachers, and of course the students in the classroom (where would teachers be with no students? lol)! Victoria, 3 years later, her inspiration is her 1 year old beautiful little girl! She did not go back to being a teacher, she is now considered a Stay At Home Mom, well who also works from home, of course. (Victoria stays home to take care of her daughter who has several severe food allergies and Victoria has to make her food from scratch!) Her hubby, and her decided it was best she stay home, to take care of her daughter and run the business full time! (AWESOME!)

Victoria's goal is to be able to provide excellent customer service and amazing products to let children's imagination grow with creativity (that's definitely needed)! Now, ABC Creative Learning is not your average "learning" it is wayyyyyy more than that it's IMAGINATION tied in! She wanted to make it easy for teachers, and parents to find "learning" and "resources" for at school, or home for affordable prices, they also including some custom make dresses and outfits for both girls and boys. Victoria being a teacher for many years and a first time mom, she knew what children need in early development, so she is definitely more than willing to help you find your perfect toy, while helping them develop different skills through creative play!

"Play is the beginning of knowledge." George Dorsey

I think this is wonderful, and I really wish I had some of these awesome toys, when I was growing up! I loved playing kitchen, and making "pretend" sandwiches! :) Stop on in at ABC Creative Learning here, here, and here! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you Victoria for sharing your "CREATIVE" story!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Renee :)

Running behind a little bit, but here is...
Renee is behind the {Pretty Me! Boutique}

Favorite food is Broccoli [I LOVE IT TOO!!] :) She loves COLORS, period! Hobbies she can't get enough of are crafting, photography, web design (hey me too!), she does her best at singing, and reading she loves!

Behind the Pretty Me! Boutique, she is a mother of 5, but that doesn't stop her!! She never thought about making a business out of her hobby, until she decided to sell her creations at a craft fair. The more she thought about it, and the more unique her creations, treasures, crafts became! It hit Renee that she loved doing what she did, and make it into her profession! (GREAT IDEA!) Upon deciding to open a shop, she talked to her oldest daughter (She's 10 btw!) about doing it together! One on one time was and added bonus, thus "Pretty Me!" was born! They make a bow holder which is available for purchase, and they will have some more things that will be added soon! Renee loves that she has the ability to spend the entire day doing nothing but crafts, she would love too, but being a mother sometimes it's just not that possible.. :) Renee is thinking in the long run, making it into a family business! (I say go for it!!!)

Her saying is "WOOOOHOOOO!" lol, I LOVE IT!

Stop on in and check out Renee and her daughter's lovely items over at "Pretty Me!" and let them know you saw them on MTB! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Aida...

Aida is the lady behind Cabecitas Lindas!! <----- in my head it sounds sooo cool :) I cant ever say anything is Spanish right.. EVER!

Her favorite food, is Spanish food (meaning a whole lot of varieties!!)! Green is the color she is favoring, and her hobbies are learning Japanese  (AWESOME "Konnichwa" :) ) & of course the lovely art of crafting!!

The muse behind her Cabecitas Lindas is her wonderful daughter Isabella, being the twin sister to her brother Aiden (They are 22 months old)! Mothers definitely love to find things that compliment their daughters outfits, of course who wouldn't? Out of frustration on the journey to finding something to match her daughter's outfits, she finally decided to make some of her own. So making her own bows brought out the girly, frilly and the fun she almost forgot she knew she had!! Crazy huh? Thus Cabecitas Lindas was born. How the name came to be was when translated into English it means "Pretty Little Heads" and she wanted to infuse a part of her Hispanic culture into her designs, and the names of her products! She enjoys it so much that other little girls are wearing one or some of her hair accessories, because "Aida" made it! Cabecitas Lindas is made with lots of love and attention to the very tip of the top (details)!

Her bang of a saying, "I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."

Stop on in and Meet Aida! :) Let her know that you saw her on MTB! :) Have a great day!
Don't forget the giveaway ends on Friday! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Autumne Foley-Pica

Autumne Foley-Pica is behind the Baby Creations Boutique!

Pink is her favorite color, and anything Italian is great! Hobbies are anything crafty (yup!) and of course anything that has to do with her husband and her 2 munchkins (her children)! :)

Stories are always because we are crafty (well women that I know of)! Autumne's craftiness never ventured as far as girly crafty stuff before, so her chance was as soon as she found out she was having a girl! Autumne went crazy buying up things everywhere and anywhere she could find cute things to dress her up in, of course spending a fortune in the process! After her daughter was born, she started making simple bows and headbands. Then on, it grew, grew, grew, and GREW! Autumne never thought about selling it to anyone until her diaper cakes she was selling to locals were becoming more and more popular, someone suggested it be on facebook... when thus "Baby Creations Boutique". Starting out just diaper cakes it started being more of her other crafts and such she enjoyed making for her daughter. Autum loves making new things, and getting the challenges that some customers send her. As well as the great reward of getting e-mails and pictures after they have received their items! Her 1 year facebook fan page anniversary is coming up in November and looking back on her past year, she's met so many great people through her page, and she can't wait for another year!

The saying that keeps her going, "Fight till you can't fight anymore, and when you get to that point just fight a little more, cause in the long run you are the one to really make all your dreams come true!" <--- definitely the truth!

Stop on in, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you everyone and keep up the good work Autumne!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Katrina Leung

Here's to Dolly Baby Bowtique...behind it all is Katrina Leung!!!
Making bows is her MAIN HOBBY, then of course sewing, reading, scrapbooking, cooking, and of course there would be plenty more, but really there is not enough time in the DAY!! RED is her color of choice, which is fierce and BOLD! :) Her sister's cooking is pretty yummy, but her favorite one is the HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN! (Can we say now, I'm pretty hungry!!!)

Now, Kartina's Boutique is pretty amazing!! I loved reading her story... super cute and funny! For her it started all, but 3 years ago. (Time sure does fly by!) Her daughter was born, and she was pretty excited, more like STOKED! (Definition of stoked totally fits here, because when it's a girl you are just super excited right?!?) Don't forget with girls there are frilly things, cute things, super cute things, the dresses, the bows, & let's not forget the dolls galore!!! Katrina had a hard time finding some *super* cute hair bows, that would fit their budget, (I believe it!) Her daughter had hair and then it disappeared, but made a comeback at 9 months, right around the 4th of July! A dress to match, but where's the bow? Katrina went shopping at a street fair and found a red one, they are always nice, but nothing exciting. The DAY finally arrived, 4th of July, and not as long as you think, but her daughter ripped out the hair bow within a mere minute or so. She spent how much money on a bow and it disappeared in mere seconds!! (Oh no!)

After an experience like that, she decided that she was going to do some research, then bought supplies and was determined to figure out how to make a bow that would not slip out! Katrina was determined in finding something that would be child-proof (lol) something that would stay in little girls hair. She told a few of friends what she was up too, and they ordered a whole bunch! An Aunt who worked at a hair salon bought a whole to give-away! Soon by word of mouth, people started asking her to make some bows for them, because they were the only ones that would stay in their daughter's hair! She loved knowing that people appreciated her awesome idea, and that they loved what she did!

Inspiration hit, in which she decided it was time to open up shop! Needing a name, she thought back to her childhood in which her mother used to always call her, her sister, and now her daughter her "doll babies", thus "Doll Baby Bowtique" was born!

"Be KIND, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato

Stop on in to Katrina's Doll Baby Bowtique and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you so much for sending in your story Katrina!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday - Review - Belle Bows

Belle Bows has given "Meet the Boutique - MTB" an honor to review her bows!!
Sierra's bows came in a bubblewrap envelope in which kept the bows so perfect! :)

Alright, so I may not have any girls "yet" but hoping for one in the future... These bows are not just intended for little girls, but "BIG" girls too!! :) The construction of the bow is actually really good! Sturdy, tough, and unique! These bows are like it says on her fan page "100% handmade". She has a different bow and different styles, all the bows are not all the same, and she does offer custom bows! :)

Turn around time is actually fast, about 2-3 business days for communication, and then payment. She ships usually in about 3-4 business days after custom order is placed. Everything on her fan page is labeled, and ordering is pretty easy, just leave your PayPal address on the bow you'd like and with quantity. Simple huh? These are wonderful bows! She also leaves them available for you to attach the bow to whatever you'd like. She can send without alligator clip. Sierra loves to get some feedback about new things, and what you would like to see! She's also included some bows for giveaway!

The Chocolate Dreams which is pictured in the middle, can be placed on a headband, it does come with an alligator clip! :) The Chocolate Dreams is a 5" bow! You will have a chance to win the Chocolate Dream 5" bow!!
How to enter the giveaway and how to win The Chocolate Dreams BOW!!! :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Desirae Todd Photography

Meet Desirae.. :)

Let's start this off a different way... now everyone here and now a days loves photography right? Every photographer is very different, with the way they tell stories (through the lens of course!), and the creativity that goes into it... Here's someone's story about her journey...

Desirae has always loved, had a passion, dreamt, and breathed photography ever since she can remember. Of course, ask ANY one of her friends and they can totally concur! Experimenting is one of the things that sets a photographer away from others, with different angles, lighting and CREATIVITY! Desirae totally has that skill, and she decided in 2008 that it was EXACTLY that thing she was missing in life! To her it is not just taking the photos it is about the ART form after all is said and done. Desirae's journey has been an awesome one, and continues to learn new things every day! (Technology changes every 5 seconds, that's really good to keep up with the times!) Fact of life in photography, is that Desirae is actually getting to capture memories, so that they will NEVER be forgotten! Straight from her words "To think that my photographs will be seen long after I am gone is truly amazing" which you can tell her passion is towards her clients and their memories! Desirae's heart goes into her photography, especially when she has had so many wonderful opportunities and an EXTRA THANK YOU to her very first client "Lindsey Kirkpatrick"!! (Thank you! MTB loves when people believe in others!!) She's so VERY fond of you and VERY thankful!! As well as her husband and family who have always believed in her talent! BTW, we are Thankful that you sent in a story Desirae (my new photography buddy (: )! Desirae's story is her passion, becoming a photographer and that her inspiration is her clients who believe in what she does that makes it possible!

Her food is SPAGHETTI, color cannot be denied it's PINK! (PINK) Hobbies consist of photography (wouldn't dream it'd be anything else!), graphic designing (me too!),  music, and can't get enough of the time with her boys! :)

This is such a great quote, and I've never heard of it before, but Desirae faves this: "Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel."- Peter Adams - Sydney 1978

Stop on by and check out Desirae Todd Photography, let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you again to everyone who helps make this blog possible!