Monday, January 31, 2011

Have you noticed?

I have added a new feature on Meet the Boutique! :)

Trusted Boutiques - anywhere you are, and that way you can find those trusted boutiques because after so many people getting scammed, and a lot of owners not receiving payment! I felt like it was time to add a Trusted Boutiques for those who would get exposure along with great reviews and giving both buyers and owners CONFIDENCE!

Owners you will be able to comment about the purchaser underneath your image as well, just write their name "@John - Quick Payment, patient while I was working through the crazy busy days, and even sent a tip!" <--- that's an example. Be sure to get confidence!

So if you are a boutique/owner of a business be sure to submit the following to
- LOGO (must be visible in the photo album view)
- FB Fanpage
 and other links you feel you'd like to add.

Must have 5 reviews in order to stay in the trusted boutiques showcase. If you don't have "ANY REVIEWS" in the 5 day span after being added, your boutique will be taken down, and you re-apply again.

You are not limited to 5 reviews, but your customers/clients may add to this alternative page as well to boost your trust sales. :)

Thank you everyone, and for those who have requested this additional feature!

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