Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Renee :)

Running behind a little bit, but here is...
Renee is behind the {Pretty Me! Boutique}

Favorite food is Broccoli [I LOVE IT TOO!!] :) She loves COLORS, period! Hobbies she can't get enough of are crafting, photography, web design (hey me too!), she does her best at singing, and reading she loves!

Behind the Pretty Me! Boutique, she is a mother of 5, but that doesn't stop her!! She never thought about making a business out of her hobby, until she decided to sell her creations at a craft fair. The more she thought about it, and the more unique her creations, treasures, crafts became! It hit Renee that she loved doing what she did, and make it into her profession! (GREAT IDEA!) Upon deciding to open a shop, she talked to her oldest daughter (She's 10 btw!) about doing it together! One on one time was and added bonus, thus "Pretty Me!" was born! They make a bow holder which is available for purchase, and they will have some more things that will be added soon! Renee loves that she has the ability to spend the entire day doing nothing but crafts, she would love too, but being a mother sometimes it's just not that possible.. :) Renee is thinking in the long run, making it into a family business! (I say go for it!!!)

Her saying is "WOOOOHOOOO!" lol, I LOVE IT!

Stop on in and check out Renee and her daughter's lovely items over at "Pretty Me!" and let them know you saw them on MTB! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Aida...

Aida is the lady behind Cabecitas Lindas!! <----- in my head it sounds sooo cool :) I cant ever say anything is Spanish right.. EVER!

Her favorite food, is Spanish food (meaning a whole lot of varieties!!)! Green is the color she is favoring, and her hobbies are learning Japanese  (AWESOME "Konnichwa" :) ) & of course the lovely art of crafting!!

The muse behind her Cabecitas Lindas is her wonderful daughter Isabella, being the twin sister to her brother Aiden (They are 22 months old)! Mothers definitely love to find things that compliment their daughters outfits, of course who wouldn't? Out of frustration on the journey to finding something to match her daughter's outfits, she finally decided to make some of her own. So making her own bows brought out the girly, frilly and the fun she almost forgot she knew she had!! Crazy huh? Thus Cabecitas Lindas was born. How the name came to be was when translated into English it means "Pretty Little Heads" and she wanted to infuse a part of her Hispanic culture into her designs, and the names of her products! She enjoys it so much that other little girls are wearing one or some of her hair accessories, because "Aida" made it! Cabecitas Lindas is made with lots of love and attention to the very tip of the top (details)!

Her bang of a saying, "I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."

Stop on in and Meet Aida! :) Let her know that you saw her on MTB! :) Have a great day!
Don't forget the giveaway ends on Friday! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Autumne Foley-Pica

Autumne Foley-Pica is behind the Baby Creations Boutique!

Pink is her favorite color, and anything Italian is great! Hobbies are anything crafty (yup!) and of course anything that has to do with her husband and her 2 munchkins (her children)! :)

Stories are always because we are crafty (well women that I know of)! Autumne's craftiness never ventured as far as girly crafty stuff before, so her chance was as soon as she found out she was having a girl! Autumne went crazy buying up things everywhere and anywhere she could find cute things to dress her up in, of course spending a fortune in the process! After her daughter was born, she started making simple bows and headbands. Then on, it grew, grew, grew, and GREW! Autumne never thought about selling it to anyone until her diaper cakes she was selling to locals were becoming more and more popular, someone suggested it be on facebook... when thus "Baby Creations Boutique". Starting out just diaper cakes it started being more of her other crafts and such she enjoyed making for her daughter. Autum loves making new things, and getting the challenges that some customers send her. As well as the great reward of getting e-mails and pictures after they have received their items! Her 1 year facebook fan page anniversary is coming up in November and looking back on her past year, she's met so many great people through her page, and she can't wait for another year!

The saying that keeps her going, "Fight till you can't fight anymore, and when you get to that point just fight a little more, cause in the long run you are the one to really make all your dreams come true!" <--- definitely the truth!

Stop on in, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you everyone and keep up the good work Autumne!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Katrina Leung

Here's to Dolly Baby Bowtique...behind it all is Katrina Leung!!!
Making bows is her MAIN HOBBY, then of course sewing, reading, scrapbooking, cooking, and of course there would be plenty more, but really there is not enough time in the DAY!! RED is her color of choice, which is fierce and BOLD! :) Her sister's cooking is pretty yummy, but her favorite one is the HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN! (Can we say now, I'm pretty hungry!!!)

Now, Kartina's Boutique is pretty amazing!! I loved reading her story... super cute and funny! For her it started all, but 3 years ago. (Time sure does fly by!) Her daughter was born, and she was pretty excited, more like STOKED! (Definition of stoked totally fits here, because when it's a girl you are just super excited right?!?) Don't forget with girls there are frilly things, cute things, super cute things, the dresses, the bows, & let's not forget the dolls galore!!! Katrina had a hard time finding some *super* cute hair bows, that would fit their budget, (I believe it!) Her daughter had hair and then it disappeared, but made a comeback at 9 months, right around the 4th of July! A dress to match, but where's the bow? Katrina went shopping at a street fair and found a red one, they are always nice, but nothing exciting. The DAY finally arrived, 4th of July, and not as long as you think, but her daughter ripped out the hair bow within a mere minute or so. She spent how much money on a bow and it disappeared in mere seconds!! (Oh no!)

After an experience like that, she decided that she was going to do some research, then bought supplies and was determined to figure out how to make a bow that would not slip out! Katrina was determined in finding something that would be child-proof (lol) something that would stay in little girls hair. She told a few of friends what she was up too, and they ordered a whole bunch! An Aunt who worked at a hair salon bought a whole to give-away! Soon by word of mouth, people started asking her to make some bows for them, because they were the only ones that would stay in their daughter's hair! She loved knowing that people appreciated her awesome idea, and that they loved what she did!

Inspiration hit, in which she decided it was time to open up shop! Needing a name, she thought back to her childhood in which her mother used to always call her, her sister, and now her daughter her "doll babies", thus "Doll Baby Bowtique" was born!

"Be KIND, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato

Stop on in to Katrina's Doll Baby Bowtique and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you so much for sending in your story Katrina!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday - Review - Belle Bows

Belle Bows has given "Meet the Boutique - MTB" an honor to review her bows!!
Sierra's bows came in a bubblewrap envelope in which kept the bows so perfect! :)

Alright, so I may not have any girls "yet" but hoping for one in the future... These bows are not just intended for little girls, but "BIG" girls too!! :) The construction of the bow is actually really good! Sturdy, tough, and unique! These bows are like it says on her fan page "100% handmade". She has a different bow and different styles, all the bows are not all the same, and she does offer custom bows! :)

Turn around time is actually fast, about 2-3 business days for communication, and then payment. She ships usually in about 3-4 business days after custom order is placed. Everything on her fan page is labeled, and ordering is pretty easy, just leave your PayPal address on the bow you'd like and with quantity. Simple huh? These are wonderful bows! She also leaves them available for you to attach the bow to whatever you'd like. She can send without alligator clip. Sierra loves to get some feedback about new things, and what you would like to see! She's also included some bows for giveaway!

The Chocolate Dreams which is pictured in the middle, can be placed on a headband, it does come with an alligator clip! :) The Chocolate Dreams is a 5" bow! You will have a chance to win the Chocolate Dream 5" bow!!
How to enter the giveaway and how to win The Chocolate Dreams BOW!!! :)

Giveaway starts 9/26/10 to 10/3/10 11:59P CST

Mandatory Entry: Follow publicly "Meet the Boutique", & Like Belle Bows

Extra Entries: (Tell me you've done it in a comment a SEPARATE comment for each one!) 
Each one is worth 1 entry unless noted otherwise.

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*Open to United States Only*

I am not financially compensated for this post. These opinions and such are of my own, and are in no way influenced, these are based on my own experience with Belle Bows products/service. Please refer to my TOU.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Desirae Todd Photography

Meet Desirae.. :)

Let's start this off a different way... now everyone here and now a days loves photography right? Every photographer is very different, with the way they tell stories (through the lens of course!), and the creativity that goes into it... Here's someone's story about her journey...

Desirae has always loved, had a passion, dreamt, and breathed photography ever since she can remember. Of course, ask ANY one of her friends and they can totally concur! Experimenting is one of the things that sets a photographer away from others, with different angles, lighting and CREATIVITY! Desirae totally has that skill, and she decided in 2008 that it was EXACTLY that thing she was missing in life! To her it is not just taking the photos it is about the ART form after all is said and done. Desirae's journey has been an awesome one, and continues to learn new things every day! (Technology changes every 5 seconds, that's really good to keep up with the times!) Fact of life in photography, is that Desirae is actually getting to capture memories, so that they will NEVER be forgotten! Straight from her words "To think that my photographs will be seen long after I am gone is truly amazing" which you can tell her passion is towards her clients and their memories! Desirae's heart goes into her photography, especially when she has had so many wonderful opportunities and an EXTRA THANK YOU to her very first client "Lindsey Kirkpatrick"!! (Thank you! MTB loves when people believe in others!!) She's so VERY fond of you and VERY thankful!! As well as her husband and family who have always believed in her talent! BTW, we are Thankful that you sent in a story Desirae (my new photography buddy (: )! Desirae's story is her passion, becoming a photographer and that her inspiration is her clients who believe in what she does that makes it possible!

Her food is SPAGHETTI, color cannot be denied it's PINK! (PINK) Hobbies consist of photography (wouldn't dream it'd be anything else!), graphic designing (me too!),  music, and can't get enough of the time with her boys! :)

This is such a great quote, and I've never heard of it before, but Desirae faves this: "Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel."- Peter Adams - Sydney 1978

Stop on by and check out Desirae Todd Photography, let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you again to everyone who helps make this blog possible!

Don't forget!

The weekend is here again! (YESSSSSSS!)

I won't be featuring any *SpotLight*'s on the weekends for the fact of, I try to get everything else done! (LOL, well attempt anyways right?!)

Just a reminder send in your story via e-mail, via Facebook Contact page! :) Please don't forget to include a 300x300 image as well... :) Uhmmmm, don't forget these stories are about what got you motivated to do what you do.. I don't want to read a sales pitch (really?), I want to hear the inspiration behind it all... If you think your story was a little sales pitchy feel free to re-write your story... :)

I am obviously up too late, but I can't help that I love to read the stories, and pick good ones!! I re-assure you I  will never delete a story, you can inquire about your story of course, but please be patient as I am trying to get EVERYONE up :) I want others to see your story, because I truly do love reading them!

Weekends are also for others to catch up on the reading process! :) I love followers, so come on and stalk us! BlogSpot/Blogger has it set up where you can follow us with your Gmail Acct, Twitter, Facebook so c'mon and join us everyday!!

Btw, just a reminder I love to read comments, and I am pretty sure that our Boutiques would love to hear some comments, please keep them clean & nice! Thank you so much everyone!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Bijoux par Renée

Meet Renée Derington... the owner behind Bijoux par Renée..

Purple she loves! Food she can't get enough of is French (Epicurean Junkie) and of course Mexican! Beading, Photography, and Wine Tasting including cooking with her husband. She's an avid baker, which means lots of pastries!! (Please send us some!! lol) :)

Custom Jewelry is something that from the way Renée wrote it, is that she's AAAADDDICTED! (Aren't we all addicted to our own crafts!?!) Basically, she's been doing it for years, and many many years to come! It all started out as a hobby, and then of course other people were like enivious of her totally awesome jewelry, that thus was born her "Bijoux par Renée"! Recently she was welcomed into the Facebook world of fanpages, (Welcome!) where she is of course promoting and selling her jewelry. Renée is a stay at home and she beads all day everyday (while her children are away at school) pratically breathing it (lol)! She lives right outside of Houston, Texas (Hey! Another Houstionan!! Woot! I'm from Bear Creek Area!)! Her supportive husband, her two children a daughter Olivia, and a son named Tristan, and let's not forget the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Summer that complete her family! Renée loves to make customs (customs are <3). Wearable art, is just the jist of what she does, but when you purchase necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, or breast cancer awareness jewelry. Donating a portion of every sale goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure! <--- Really Awesome! Renée also sells support jewelry for Military, other awareness jewelry (other forms of Cancer, and Autism), children's jewelry, purse/key chain charms and so much more! She enjoys it so much that she likes to work with gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, lampwork beads, and sterling silver!!

She's a very busy woman, and taking care of her family! She really enjoys what she does, but don't forget "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -- Albert Einstein her fave quote, as well as her motto "Peace, Love, & Jewels!" :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet "A Diva's Design"

Her name behind the mask is Nikki Knull!!!

Hot Pink is her favorite color, the brighter the better (jkjk) !! Now a days, she doesn't have time to eat, what is that?? She lives off Dr. Pepper (funny, me too! oh and Mountain Dew!), she strives in making DIVALICIOUS designs for the little DIVA'S AND DIVO'S in our lives! Facebook is her addiction, something that she just can't get enough of! (Boy, we sure have a lot in common!) In her words " [*stands up*] Hello, my name is Nikki & I AM a FACEBOOK ADDICT!" <---- I so agree, there should be a "Fanpage" about this... Wait, NO, never mind then we'd all be on Facebook getting Facebook Addiction help! Oh no! Nikki is pretty awesome and care's so much about making something DIVA/OLICIOUS!

Now the story begins... her craftiness started well she's always been. Now some odd years ago, she was throwing her "little" sister a baby shower, and of course wanted it to be the BEST baby shower ever, that she went to Google (looking for all the right answers!) and found diaper cakes! She got to work on a 3 - tier diaper cake and she was pretty amazed at how pretty it turned out, that she had to make mini-matching ones of course for centerpieces and decoration! After all was said and done, people were telling her that it was a good idea to sell them! Slowly she did, and then she started experimenting with other ideas like wash cloths, to her designs of custom made! :) She can make them to suit the receiver! She made them, and realized they didn't sell as good as she hoped, but it made her more creative that she started making tutu's headbands, flowers and bows, and *BAM* she loved it! Nikki heard the same "you should sell those" again, and thus started her journey of "A DIVA'S DESIGN" selling HER boutique items along with the diaper cakes/towel cakes, that she sold before and WOW it grew! Adding her zipper jewelry, and the granted the rest turned into a GREAT CAREER choice and history! Nikki didn't want to leave out her son Xander, that she started adding things for DIVO's as well, like tie tee's, newsboy hats, and more! Her kids are the inspirations behind A DIVA'S DESIGN.

"FANTABOUSLY DIVALICOUS!" the exact way Nikki would put it! (Right on!)

Her journey sounds just like mine! :) Nikki, you should sell those! LOL, but yes you do amazing work and for a good price! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Be sure to stop on in and check her out! As well, as let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique - MTB!

To all my readers :)

I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU ALL for everything you DO!
For everything you create, live, learn, and share!

I really appreciate all the hard-working mothers, non-mothers, 20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 somethings, crafters, collectors and so forth! You all really rock!

Why the heck am I being soooooooo sensitive right now? Honestly, my mommy instincts are geared on 24-7, and I just felt like saying Thank you!

I am happy that I have avid readers of the blog, fans, and of course friends! Who all love the idea of this blog, and the idea in general! I try to give back as much as I can. I love a good book of Chicken Soup for the Soul, so why not share the experiences of others as well as inspirations behind the Boutique! You can even send in a good deed, or Pay-it-Forward story! I love reading all the stories, and trust me I can't wait to share them, (write them) ya know!

So go on and grab a cup of coffee, soda, tea, or water every morning during the week and read about the latest Boutique or so who shares a story with us on "Meet the Boutique"!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet "My Heavenly Bowtique"

Lia Coltes is the owner behind "My Heavenly Bowtique"

Lia loves the color purple, her favorite food is fried shrimp! (Sounds good already! YUM!) Hobbies consist of creating new bows, and walking!

In the beginning, her daughter was her inspiration to making little clips, and she didn't really know at first what to do. It was a challenge getting anything done, but her mother started helping her. They made dresses, bigger bows and she was motivated into getting an online store together. Upon opening her store she dedicated the opening to her Mother after she passed away in March, it was hard to keep going, but God gave her the strength to go on and grow her business. Her mother and daughter are the inspirations and strength in the continuation and growth.

"Live Life Like there is NO tomorrow" is her motivation!

Stop on in and let her know you found her on MTB! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the American Tutu

Over at American Tutu, Emily Ramirez is busy at work on Tutu's and other items of course!

Emily loves "Light Blue" and of course anything Chocolate. Spare time calls for some Tennis, reading, American Tutu, and her adorable two (soon to be three) kiddos.

Major turn in Emily's career when her daughter Madelyn arrived! Previous to American Tutu, she was working as an Advertising Executive in California right out of the college years. When her second child, a son Mason made his debut exactly a year later, she knew that she could not go back into the traditional career world, for the reasons that she loves spending her time at home with the children, and her husband who is a USMC (United States Marine Corps) in which they move often. Upon the decision of staying home, she loves making her girlie accessories specifically for her daughter. Until she decided that would expand and share her special girlie accessories by opening up a shop online as her now American Tutu. The way American Tutu came to be, was it definitely described their everyday lives, in which it revolves around the country (United States), the military, and her husband who spends his life protecting it.

"Life is too short, not to be happy!" which she lives by! :)

Emily, Thank you so much for making tutu's everywhere you guys are stationed! Stop on by and visit her at both pages, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Emily, be sure to pick up your button! Don't forget to let your friends, and boutique clients know! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and letting us share it with our readers!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store

Here is Angel Pearson, owner of The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store (WEDDINGS!!!)

(click above for her blog)

Angel is very passionate about weddings, that when she has time she enjoys writing, quilting, dancing with her child, making bread (YUM!), worshiping, laughing and loving with all of her heart!

Her quote may contain some in appropiate words for the younger viewers, but it's censored. :)

"If I have to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it one more time, the elastic is going to break, and then I'll have to show my @*s." (I love it, HAHAHA)

Here's her story, and I think it's very detailed, so I'm going to just take and post it (completely written by Angel Pearson):
"Do you remember how stressful it was to plan your wedding?- Things have changed, and hopefully for the better!

I started out as New Zealand's youngest marriage Celebrant, and over the past decade I've seen so many couples drive themselves nearly insane over something that's supposed to be one of the greatest days of their lives, mostly due to the fact that they're expected to somehow become an expert on wedding planning - something they've never done before, and are not planning to ever do again. It seemed to me that there wasn't anywhere you could get good advice - Your mother, sisters and aunts all mean well, but have their own bias, the wedding planner's been promised of a fat commission for any referrals, your friends have no more clues than you - so where do you go?
That was the inspiration for The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store - a free, independent, bridal advisory service based on 10 years and hundreds of different weddings experience. Because I've seen first hand how different companies work, I'm easily able to make a recommendation that will match the couple with the vendor who is best able to fulfill their requests. The Corner Store is full of albums, scrapbooks and samples for couples to really be able to make informed decisions about their wedding plans.
We also stock a huge range of wedding products, sourced from all around the world. I love a challenge, and enjoy tracking down hard-to-find items - from wedding themed toilet paper to colour matched confetti - I've had brides burst into tears realizing that the item they've spent hours googling to find is already here on our shelves, or only an email away.
For me, it's not about the pricetag. Along with all the beautiful brand new and designer label product we stock, we also sell second hand bridal gowns, shoes, and accessories on behalf, and can recommend for weddings with a budget of $5k as easily as one with $55k to spend. I'm passionate about helping couples achieve the day they're dreaming of - [or if necessary, helping them realign their dreams so that they are humanly possible.] Sometimes it's as simple as pointing out that the secluded venue they're dreaming of doesn't actually have running water or electricity, or suggesting they use a dulux paint chip to find a sample of the exact shade of green they're trying to match. Sometimes it's trickier, like tracking down a cake topper with a NZ firefighter theme, or finding a replacement gown for the one that got lost in transit from Canada, in time for a wedding this afternoon!
The Corner Store has been open in Nelson for a little over a year - we opened our doors on my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary, which
I passionately believe that, while planning a wedding can be a huge challenge, it should never be overwhelming, and I'm loving every day that I get the opportunity to smooth the path between "Will you...?" to "...I do!""

I really believe that this is what Brides-To-Be, Fiances, Couples, and Women in general need is somewhere to go with questions that are only an e-mail away! Even though I've never had the BEAUTIFUL wedding I would love to have, we are planning to re-new our vows in 2013 and I've been looking for an advisor who will help for FREE! Who doesn't want to ask a question for FREE!? She has a big heart in helping these ladies, or maybe even one of you, to smoothly plan a STRESS-FREE wedding!

Thank you Angel, for your advice, and help for those stress-ful times!! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Details of Meet the Boutique

I have been asked so many questions already, so I feel it's appropriate to answer the questions here on the blog :) These will have their own page soon! :)

What is Meet The Boutique?
MTB is a blogging site, that will blog about any and all boutiques; businesses; foundations; and non-profit organizations and how they came to be what they are now! [if we are missing one... let us know!]

How do I share my story?
We have a "Get your Story Heard!" link in which you fill out the form with the as much information as you can to describe who you are (the boutique owner) and how your business came to be!

Why is there a Facebook fanpage?
The Facebook fanpage is a way to accumulate the Boutiques, business owners, foundations, and non-profit organizations to share info quicker, with links, meet other owners as well! Also for those who can't follow blogger/blogspot, they can get updates on the fanpage.

How do I write my story?
To write your story, you write it to MTB and we read, interpret and write it out on MTB. We tell your story the way you tell us. We give your story a chance, even though we are small, we want to grow to reach all four corners of the globe.. :) (We are the writers for you!)

Thank you to EVERYONE! :)

Meet Tina Bruffett...

Tina Bruffett over at Pixie Petal Creations...
Red is her favorite color, along with ANYTHING Mexican!! (I agree!) Things she enjoys doing is reading, sewing, and having good ol' fashion tea parties with her daughter! (Cute!!!) Her signature piece is her Mermaid which she has so much fun making!

She's a mother to many, but 3 are biologically hers, a 22 year old NAVY Corpsman whom she is so very PROUD of! 20 year old son getting ready for the COLLEGE life and she's super PROUD, as well as her tiniest princess who's 5 years old, which she is yet again so PROUD of!

Tina's inspiration turned into fate! Mothering more than just her children. Countless boys and girls constantly are changing throughout the Children's Home where she spends most of her time, in which she is like a mom to the children of all of life. Tina has been trying her hardest to give the littlest girls a tutu when they are leaving to go to a new home, or foster home, because she wants them to feel like a Princess! Tina's still coming up with something for the boys, any ideas let her know! :) She has such a BIG heart for the children, that she's attempting to set up a way to get Tutu's sent over to St. Jude's Children's Hospital during the holiday season. Giving back by assisting, helping and donating her time to these wonderful children.

Stop on by her Boutique, and let her know you saw her on "Meet The Boutique" or MTB :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Jennifer...

Here's Jennifer, in our spotlight for today!

A lil' about her is that she's diggin' PINK! Fettucine Alfredo is something that has to be on the menu for sure (LOL). Crochet, bow-making, scrapbooking, photography, sewing, are just a few of the many crafty things she loves to DO. Her saying "Be careful what you wish just might get it."

This is a dream that started in the beginning, and opening a store costs BIG BUCKS. She loved making gifts for others, and cute things (of course!) before her daughter was born. Now, it's an ultimate excuse for doing even MORE! Family and friends told her to open up shop, but until her husband recently lost his job, that she had to really kick it in to gear to make some money for her family. Which she loves dearly. Customers give her that motivation and support to continue on with her dream that has blessed her in so many ways! Chunka Munka Bowtique has given her the ability to make a living for herself and family, which she continues to work hard to provide quality gifts for children and families!

Drop on by, and take a peek around! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grand Opening! :)

Hello, and Welcome all my readers from the original blog! :) I am Leila, if some of you didn't already know. I am here to tell the story behind many Boutiques and what they have learned, experienced and found along the way!

I always felt that sometimes maybe Boutiques do have a reason why they do what they do! 

I know why I chose to do photography... IT IS A PASSION!!! How could it not be? I loved it from when I was very young, my mom was always taking pictures, I hated taking pictures, but honestly I loved being in the SPOTlight, and I feel like others should too! Grew a passion to give others the chance to get some professional photos for half the cost, and with EXCELLENT quality! I want to share my talents with those around me, and with times right now, who wouldn't want their Children, Family, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, and Seniors to look like models, and naturally living life in the moment!

Designing was like second nature to me, I grew up with being around friends who were almost always on the computer! They always wanted to HTML, CSS, and DIV LAYER it up! Secretly, I really believed my friends could code in their sleep! Next thing, I knew I was hooked, line and SUNK into the web world! From there, got my first program Paint Shop Pro, since I was using Paint still! I started getting better at it bought my first full edition of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and it blossomed into what I do now! I am a Graphic Designer, and I am proud of it! I do really affordable designs for those who need business cards, flyers, invitations, and much more! The possibilities are VERY endless! I take the guesswork out of your design! You just tell me what you like and VOILÀ! I love to share my knowledge! Just ask!

Well that's definitely a first post! Don't you agree? Stay tuned for more!!