Friday, February 4, 2011

Networking? What is that?

Question came in a few days ago!

"I don't understand how to gain fans? Some people who don't have really 'great' work have a 1000 or more fans, and I am just curious are they really selling anything or just get the numbers to seem like they have customers?"

Honestly, it shouldn't matter if you have a lot of fans or not, just fans that are purchasing your product, but exposure is always a GOOD thing. I bet a lot of our boutiques out there maybe wondering about something similar to this, or this exact question.

When you are scanning through the many pages of Facebook, just browsing and jumping from pages to pages, keep in mind 'Networking' is a key importance of having a successful fan page. :) You want that exposure and you want to bring in that interest to your fan page and list why your product is GREAT, why should they purchase from you. Don't know what networking is here's the definition...

network - communicate with and within a group {source:

These fan pages you see with 1000+ fans, definitely know how to network. Networking to find a common ground of how you can work with other pages.

You as a business should network, don't waste a majority of your time on a page if you aren't networking and getting exposure. At first of course, but if your number is at a stand still of +4 or -4, it might not be worth your time to keep updating constantly if there's no feedback!

Feedback also plays a good key in knowing if you are getting anywhere with your page as well. Fan numbers can tell you a lot or very little but feedback let's you know who can see your posts, and who is most likely to respond.

A good thing to do is network with those either who make the same products, or network outside of your circle and find your ground, that will help you gain fans. :)

There are networking sites, for instance Meet the Boutique! Send in your boutique to the Trusted Seller's, Get a review, Donate for a Giveaway, or Read a story or 2 about other boutiques. Or do all of the above! Meet others and get to know each other! :) Use your resources.

Keep warm!

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