Thursday, February 17, 2011


Our *SPOTLIGHT* of the week is Stacey!

She is the owner behind Krafty Candles!

Stacey's favorite food has to be her chili cheese chips or fries. Maroon is her favorite color and she loves to experiment with candles!

She was born in Missouri but moved back from Alaska in 2003, and her & her husband started their own Tree company. Thus, she decided last year she needed something girly in her life and that's when she started making candles!  She's been married to her husband for 13 years and have 2 children, and a dog named Kodiak. Big family, and doing what she loves.

Favorite Quote is "Live and let Live!"

Fan page facts:
100% handcrafted soy candles/ecowicks with unique scents!
They have over 23 regular scents and Coco Cola is one of them! :)
700 + fans

Don't forget to stop on by and leave some love! :) Tell her MTB sent you!


  1. We love Stacey and her Krafty Candles. We are fortunate to be able to sell her candles in our store. We often have one burning to enjoy her unique scent combinations.

  2. My favorites are the butterscotch and clean linen ones! Oh my!! And they smell amazing for so long!


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