Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spotlight of the Week!

MTB'ers, I'm setting up the Spotlight of the Week instead of one everyday.
That way the reeping benefits would be a whole week, with your story told, and shoutouts! :)
{Don't forget that you will get added to the Trusted Seller's list automatically, but you must maintain 5 reviews. If you do not have 5 reviews after the 5th day of being posted, it will come down, and you re apply again.}

Now on to our SPOTLIGHTer! :)
Meet Ashlie~

She's the owner of The Hook Up by MC!
Chocolate is her favorite food! {who doesn't love Chocolate?}
Colors can't beat her Purple, & Lime Green! {rad colors!}
Hobbies she can't contain are the Crafting, Photography, and of course Design!

This is her story, she started The Hook Up because of her wonderful Uncle. Her Uncle was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and after going to his treatment center in Chicago, he asked her to knit/crochet some hats that he could take and add to the box. She did, and then posted them on her Facebook profile. Her family and friends encouraged her to sell her items. Hint hint, The Hook Up was born on October 23, 2010. She would not have done this without the support of her Uncle, family and friends.

"You are one in a million" - Uncle Mark Cotten

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