Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bask in the wonderful Boutiques!

Ok, so this is a Hump day, the middle of the week, the WEDNESDAY of all WEDNESDAYS! lol, not really but more or so, it's the start of new grocery ads, and the start of the end of the week. Well, it could be right?

I've decided for Meet the Boutique today will be a re-cap of the wonderful businesses who were mentioned/featured on MTB :) It's an honor to have all these wonderful ladies participate, and share their story!

First off, I'll start off with Jennifer over at Chunka Munka Bowtique! She's still in business and just finished up the Christmas BOWnanza! :) She's been super busy, but loves what she does! Check out Tina's Pixie Petal Creations adorable new dresses, and she recently made a Christmas dress and a matching tie for daddy. Angel over at The Wedding Whisperer, still has ideas and tips and tricks to making your big day a bit easier! Emily over at American Tutu she is having a contest until December 31, 2010. Check out her adorable new creations, and this past Christmas season she donated a toy for each order that was placed! :) What a wonderful thing!! Lia over at My Heavenly Bowtique recently had a show on December 4th, 2010 as well as some new pettiskirts, and models added to Model Source. Now A Diva's Design has had so much going on this past year, she had a 'You Create and She Makes', there was also the Diva/Divo of the month, and let's not forget she has new zipper jewelry available! Stop on by and say 'Hi' to Nikki! :) Renee over at Bijoux par Renee is Peave Love and Jewels, she is looking into the rings part of art. You have plenty of ideas and creations to choose from. Remember our photographer that was *SPOTLIGHTED*, Desirae Todd? Well, so much as been happenin' over on her part of the woods! She had a photographer giveaway, she then had a 2000 fan giveaway of a Free session, and now she has decided what area of photography that she will focus on which is Newborn photography. Don't worry she will still do other types of photography, because face it, she loves photography! Desirae Todd Photography is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Don't forget Katrina over at Doll Baby Bowtique, who just had a mystery giveaway for helping her find the perfect tagline. She has been a busy bee as well, she now makes items for boys! Yes, boys! That's pretty awesome since, I can never find many boutiques that make things for boys that boys will LOVE! Autumne over at Baby Creations Boutique, has made little purses with some matching pigtail bows, and super adorable new items. Right now, she is closed maybe until the middle of January. She has been having Health issues, and to top it off moving. Keep her in mind though for the awesome ideas, and many of the cool items she will have and more pictures coming soon. Get better Autumne, and good luck on the move! Aida over at Cabecitas Lindas Couture, wow! They have been pretty busy! They were featured in the media for having a Tea party in the town square to introduce their celebration of brand experience, read about it here: Magical Tea Party At Central Park Ushers In New Store.

That's the wonderful list of the past boutiques that were featured in September! Woooohooo, and I'm glad that they are improving and growing everyday. Stop by each one and say 'Hello' and that you found them through MTB! These links are all Facebook connected, but you may view the websites that are found on their pages. Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed the wonderful feature today!!

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  1. Thanks for the recap!! hehe voted for you while I was here! = )

  2. Aww yay! Thank you so much!

    Desirae you have grown soo much! Congrats to you and your wonderful journey and many more adventures!


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