Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Good late evening to all my fans and followers alike, if you don't make it known, "secret stalkers" :) But that's ok, because I love you all the same! You all make Meet the Boutique possible, and I'm looking into maybe changing it up a bit.

Since it has started, I feel like I need more info of the Owner, maybe some interaction with the readers and those who do become a "fan" of your page voluntarily! :) {For example, new followers of that day get a 25% off their first order?} "Just an idea", because MTB is a FREE tool for those to follow new business, network with others, or just to find a great story! {No Pressure!}

Ok, so back to the changes... I want to change MTB to be more about the owner, originally that's what it is based on, but I would love to expand on it. What are some questions, or things you'd like to know about the owner, besides why they are doing what they are doing? I want to know a little bit about the person behind the boutique, the inspiration of course is a MUST, but what about a "fact" about them? For example, I am Leila, the face behind MTB, who loves being on the computer, loves to network, and loves to stay busy. Let's not forget the creativity of skills, I have, and the "super" mom part of me! Ok, ok, maybe the last part isn't true, because I do feel bad for slacking. Honestly, it's the Holidays, and I love to spend it with my family, our tradition at the house is of course "MILKSHAKES" it's been my kick since last Christmas, but it's been a "BIG" part of this year. {I'm a dork, I know!}

Ok, so I do have a little filler outter for you all! I would love to get feedback, and so far... just one! C'mon this blog must be boring, so let's spice it up a little more!

Fill it out here, Please & Thankyou!

I will be adding the VERY few that I have left up until the last of the year. Please don't forget, I have deleted the "friend" page because of the *new* facebook rules. You will still get a shout out on the fan page, but please share and suggest with your friends. By the way, if you have specials and such please feel free to tag the page, and mention it on the wall {but limit it to 1 time a day} Thank you, I don't want to have a WALL filled with just one boutique. Thank you so much for everything ladies, and gentlemen for making MTB possible, I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway or BASH for the New Year are you interested? Email me at Have a great night/morning depending on when you will be reading this. :)

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