Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Denise

Denise is behind the Pretty Nails Party LLC.

Her favorite color is PINK, and doing nails & gardening is her hobby. Italian is her favorite food!

This might be the coolest thing ever to do for a girl's birthday, when it all came together for Denise. She was planning her daughter's birthday when it struck her that all the other little girls would love it, and at the party it was a hit. All the other girls wanted a Pretty Nails Party at their own party. Denise is not only a Pretty Nails Party owner, she is a licensed Nail Professional! She enjoys and loves what she does! Seriously, all these cool things for girls, really makes me feel like I'm missing out on a baby girl. I hope to have a girl in the future, Thank you ladies! lol

Let your LOVE be your highest goal - is the quote, and I love it! Thank you Denise for sharing your story!
If you are just now reading this, please stop on by and check out the previous post! :) Have a wonderful day!

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