Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a little note..

Good Morning there to ALL my readers!

Have you noticed the new layout, a more organized feel. :) There is a button that links to the website where I received this for 'FREE'.

I also have been pretty busy, but I have noticed that the email inbox for MTB is pretty lame, there isn't anything in it! Come on ladies and send in your stories, if you have sent in a story and hasn't appeared here, please contact me here: meet.the.boutique@gmail.com

As I was going through all of the older posts, I noticed a few or more have closed down, meaning they no longer exist. If you have moved, switched names or changed any of your info, please send it this way :) I am going to do an honorable mention, and go back through each 'boutique' page to check up on them! :)

I've got quite a few topics to bring up in MTB for boutique owners would you be interested?
- How to gain more fans.
- How to use the Facebook Insights
- Maintaining a fanpage
- Dealing with customers
and more!

Would this be something you could use? Would it be something you'd like to see on Meet the Boutique?

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