Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Beverly or Bev :)))

Meet Beverly or Bev :)) She's the designer behind ButterBeans&ChicPeas :)

Click above for her Etsy Shoppe!
ALL-things PINK is the color she prefers!! Favorite food is Cold PIZZA (omggggg I forgot that I LOVED THAT TOO!! (= ) She loves to sip on lattes (YUM!), and she's in the south so SWEET TEA is what she drinks!! According to her grandmother her hobby is the computer.. (LOL). Beverly is into BLOGGIN', a little bit too addicted to Etsy, Facebook and more. (She had a Facebook, before Facebook was cool! That thing called "Myspace" lol) {ME TOO! i love the internet!} She OBVIOUSLY loves love loves loves LOVES SEWING!! She does -like- to cook and bake with my little sweetie Emma (The youngest of 3, but the only girl! :) ).

 Super sweet lady, her inspiration for her Boutique was simple it started out with a FABRIC addiction! (I've sewed before -little things-, but I'm impatient and I have stubby fingers to be messing with needle and thread period!) She honestly loves what she does, and what she does she LOVES. Beverly loves to whip up things (custom orders) and try new patterns out! She prides herself on HOW quick can get things done, but it's probably because she doesn't get out of her Office/Studio/Sewing room much, implanting her laptop and sewing machine to each side of her hips... other than that, it a REAL joy to know that she made someone's day! After listing many items in her Etsy shop and only having the support of friends, she finally took off by doing lots of custom orders. Her creations have been in at least 5 weddings, and it's pretty NEAT to be a small part of someone's BIG DAY!

Beverly's loves being able to offer Boutique Styles at MOM approved prices for all of her customers and of course tweaking things just a bit to make that special item truly OOAK (ONE OF A KIND!)

Her sayings are forever changing  but at this moment she's been saying "Glad to hear it!" or "mmmHmmm" which works to answer so many things...

Stop on in and let Beverly know you saw her on MTB :) Have a great day!

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