Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Lara

Meet Lara over at Bon AppeSweet!

Italian is her favorite food, and Blue is her favorite color... her hobby is anything that she can bake! (Sounds fun!)

Bon AppeSweet is a Lara's specialty cake shoppe! Inspiration came to her during her daughters 4th birthday party. They had a huge family, and lots of friends to share the celebration with that the 'CAKE' had to be the best part! All the bakeries in the area were charging an arm and a leg for the cake that they were looking for, even though it was a very simple cake. Lara's friend knew the person who did her husbands groom cake, and she was the cheapest and best pricce out of all the 25 places they looked at. Upon recieving the cake the night before the party, it was a disaster, the cake was already falling apart and coming to pieces, and it looked like the lady had put pins in the cake, and it was lumpy, and things were missing. The cake didn't look like anything that they were discussing previous to receiving the cake. After the party the cake lasted about 1 1/2 days before it spoiled. Lara wound up throwing away large portions. It was a sad day, and a disaster. Lara was convinced that she could do a better cake, and thus BonAppeSweet was born. Lara found a way to purchase supplies at a very low cost so she may be able to charge customers less without having to sacrifice the taste, quality, or the looks of cakes. Lara has tons of options and lots of ideas!

"Baking your dreams come true" :) Stop on over and join her group here. Website here.  Let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique!

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