Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth she's behind Crafty Moms'R'us and EBows!!

Cheddar cheese is her favorite food. (sounds oooh so good!) All kinds of green are her favorite colors. Reading with her kids, making bows, and of course the almighty FACEBOOKIN' (ahahaha, so true for me).

It all came together for Elizabeth after her first child was a boy and then 10 years later her baby girl came! :) What do mom's do when they are expecting a baby girl? Go shopping for all the cutest things in the world for their precious one! She went to a local boutique and paid $12 for a purple bow attached to a headband. So simple of course, and it of course isn't that hard to make on our own. Elizabeth spent hours on the internet looking for "How-to's" on making bows, headbands and more. It took her about 2 years before she thought they looked good enough to sell. "You should sell these" was heard once again ;). Her daughter had reached 6 months old her husband had an accident at the railroad. They had made a decision before that he had for 8 years to take a job with the railroad, so they could finally afford a 'REAL' home. He was only at the railroad for 3 months training, with probationary period, before he would be in the union. Elizabeth's husband slipped off a ladder on a train car, and she just lost her job when returning from maternity leave in December. He was only a few days away from being in the union when they fired him. Elizabeth thus though she could sell some of her bows, but it seemed that more money was being put into supplies than profit coming in. Elizabeth is cursed with Anxiety, which she didn't feel so comfortable selling to strangers so much, thus she started a Facebook page EBows, which is easy for her to handle her anxiety. She owns another page, which is Crafty Moms'R'us in which she reached 1000 fans the first month. Which helped her with her not being so nervous.

"Treat others as you would have them treat you! And read to your children often."  Stop on by and meet Elizabeth at Craty Moms'R'us! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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