Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Jessica!

Jessica is the brilliance behind Jess Fabulous Designs!

Jessica's favorite food is Mexican!! (YUM-O!) Red is her favorite color! Jessica loves to Camping, shopping, and crafts (who doesn't love it!)! :)

Jessica started doing crafts about a year ago, and she started with fun crafts with her daughter and it was Halloween decorations! As they finished it turned out super cute, and so she expanded and made some votive candle holders for family and friends for Christmas. She got the "you should sell this" line from everyone and so she got to work on getting some designs together about a month ago, then found her way to Facebook, and from there it's been fabulous. Jessica has expanded from Votive Candle holders to making vases, and ornaments just to name a few! :) All her products are very original and can me custom made to the customer's liking! Jessica totally loves what she does!

In a month, Jessica has grown! That's splendid! Stop on in and check out Jessica here! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

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