Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Samantha

Samantha is the lady behind King's Scentsations!

Snack Cakes are super delicious, and irresistible, that's why it's her favorite!! (YUM!) Purple is her favorite color, and being active is something that she loves to do as her hobby!

She is a single mother of a 14 month old baby boy.. she is very proud of him and he's such a joy! Samantha is a full time student and work part-time, as well as keeping up with King's Scentsations. Samantha started making some extra money that she could use for her son, and then once she started doing it it became an addiction! Samantha loves interacting with all of her  "boutique friends" and of course playing all the comment games, photo tagging, flash games. :) She started selling necklaces which she makes, and now she's working on another page that will have perfume oils, and oils that you roll on just like perfume. Fragrances she'll carry will range from all over a top designer brand, straight down to our favorites like vanilla. She is very excited to gain new friends in the process and of course growing her business with the inspiration of her son.

Her favorite quote, "Everything happens for a reason" :) Stop on over and say Hi! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :)

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