Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Victoria Armijo

Victoria Armijo is the face behind ABC Creative Learning :)

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Her color is and has to be HOT PINK! :) (LOVEs it!!) Favorite Hobbies are made up of reading, baking free allergy food for her daughter, and weekly Stroller Stride Classes with her daughter of course! (Who wants to push an empty stroller, we all need those biceps right?!?!) Must have FOOD is Mexican!! (yum-o!)

Behind ABC CREATIVE LEARNING is Victoria a great teacher!! Her inspiration for ABC Creative Learning was all her fellow teachers, and of course the students in the classroom (where would teachers be with no students? lol)! Victoria, 3 years later, her inspiration is her 1 year old beautiful little girl! She did not go back to being a teacher, she is now considered a Stay At Home Mom, well who also works from home, of course. (Victoria stays home to take care of her daughter who has several severe food allergies and Victoria has to make her food from scratch!) Her hubby, and her decided it was best she stay home, to take care of her daughter and run the business full time! (AWESOME!)

Victoria's goal is to be able to provide excellent customer service and amazing products to let children's imagination grow with creativity (that's definitely needed)! Now, ABC Creative Learning is not your average "learning" it is wayyyyyy more than that it's IMAGINATION tied in! She wanted to make it easy for teachers, and parents to find "learning" and "resources" for at school, or home for affordable prices, they also including some custom make dresses and outfits for both girls and boys. Victoria being a teacher for many years and a first time mom, she knew what children need in early development, so she is definitely more than willing to help you find your perfect toy, while helping them develop different skills through creative play!

"Play is the beginning of knowledge." George Dorsey

I think this is wonderful, and I really wish I had some of these awesome toys, when I was growing up! I loved playing kitchen, and making "pretend" sandwiches! :) Stop on in at ABC Creative Learning here, here, and here! Let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you Victoria for sharing your "CREATIVE" story!

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