Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Amber

Meet Amber the boutique owner of Baby Lili Boutique!

Cheesecake is her favorite food! :) {YUMMY!} Pink is the favorite color! Crafting, Sewing and playing with her baby girl is great!

Baby LiLi Boutique is a mother/daughter business inspired by the addition of their new Baby Celia to her family. They started creating accessories for her shortly after she was born. They loved making the accesories so much to share their love for all the things pretty with others. Ina is what they call their Grandma, who started making beautiful dresses, pettis, and leg-warmers. Amber (the daughter) made the first handmade tutu and flower for a beautiful crochet hat, and never stopped. They are both casualties of the airline industry, but found their new love in creating beautiful, affordable products for little girls of all ages. They only offer products that are good enough for their Baby LiLi to wear. They enjoy the feeling of sharing their passions with others.

"Keep our little girls fancy!" Super adorable items! Be sure to stop on by and let them know you found them on MTB :)

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