Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Christy

Christy is the lady behind Christy's Creations!

Christy and her husband just celebrated their 11th anniversary this summer, they have been together for 16 years. She is the mother of a 2 year old boy, that is full of energy!! He is the apple of her eye and she never happier, than when he gives her hugs and kisses!! Christy loves to scrapbook!

Christy recycles t-shirts and sweatshirts to make scarves, and the scarves are all one of a kind. She offers sports teams (Professional, College, and High School), Cartoon Character, Sayings, and others that are just cool designs. The scarves range in price from $7 to $15. And 100% of the proceeds goes to Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society. She can take special order scarves if someone has a shirt that means something to them but they can't wear it anymore, she will make it into a scarf for a reduced price (since she is not providing the shirt). Christy wanted to start doing something easy in the craft department so she started searching the internet for easy crafts. She wants to raise money for Relay for Life and she came up with making and selling the scarves. She stumbled across a site that showed several different ideas and when she saw the scarves, she knew that she could make it! She researched a little bit ore and found a couple sites that were selling them for $25 and some where getting over $40! She decided that if she could get people to donate shirts, she won't have any other expenses besides the thread and replacement needles.  Christy won't have to charge as much, and not only did she get shirts, donated but thread as well! Once, the shirts started coming in it was just the plain colors for the added part, so she had to hit up some garage sales. She picked up some great finds for as less than a quarter to a $1. Still a low expense, but RELAY gets the rest! She has made over 100 scarves which most of them are available for purchase on her fanpage! She also has other items for sale that the Proceeds go to Relay for Life... Book marks (Shown are Breast Cancer Awareness but I will make them by request also), Pink Ribbon Auto window stickers, Suncatchers, Buttons, and Ornaments (also doing Personalized). Most of the items are all Breast Cancer Awareness, but most can be customized to the customers needs and all the Proceeds go to a great cause. Christy doesn't have an actual Business, she does this out of her home. They make excellent Christmas Presents and each purchase helps a great cause...

Stop on over at Christy's Creations and say Hello! :) 

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