Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet Cecelia

Meet Cecelia she's the owner behind Bows By Cece!

Pink her favorite color! Chocolate is her favorite food! :) Making bows, taxi driving her girls to ballet 5 days a week, gardening and reading are her hobbies.

Cecelia is a mother to 3 wonderful girls, ages 3, 6, and 13 and also the proud wife of a U.S. Soldier. She started making hair bows 4 years ago when the Army brought them to their current duty station and uniform school. Since hair bows were the only stylish thing her daughter could wear, she scoured the Internet for instructions. Cecelia is 100% self-taught! It took a life of it's own since then. She's endured 4 deployments, and now that she's doing it full time, it keeps her busy and focused. Military themed hair bows are her favorite to make. Along with needing to finance her ribbon addiction, they have also developed a ballet addiction! In January 2011, their youngest daughter will be joining the older daughters/sisters, in ballet, YAY! Selling creations has given Cecelia so much satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as who doesn't love making little girls smile?

Her favorite quote/phrase "You git whatcha git, and you don't pitch a fit. You git whatcha git, and you like it."~ her daughter's kindergarten teacher last year (I love it!) THANK you SO MUCH Cecelia for sharing your story with MTB! Stop on in and check out Bows By Cece! :) Tell her you saw her on MTB :) Have a wonderful day!

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