Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Meridith

Meridith is the boutique behind Fayette Boutique :)

Burnt Orange is such a great color, let alone her FAVORITE! :) Sushi is her favorite food (YUMMMMMMY!) Sewing and creating are her hobbies.

Meridith worked full time, and never really wanted to stay home, but deep down she wanted. Her husband really wanted her to be a housewife, respectfully. Few years went by and that's when she realized what she was to be doing with her future and that was to be creating her own thing at a craft show. Meridith already tried her hand at making tutus and posted them on Craigslist while she was working, and realized there wasn't enough time to be working and doing tutu's on the side. Meridith felt that putting her notice in once the large client season was over. Few months before, her schedule had changed and was working only 4 days now and thought everything was perfect. Starting picking up her hobby again and started making tutus and matching hair bows, and then started to look for craft shows to book. In the 2 weeks, she found out that her company was now over, and there were only a few weeks til the last day. Devastated about losing friendships, her husband made her realize that everything would be OK, and that her main focus has changed. Meridith started off as Bug-A-Boutique but soon got tired of the name, and named it officially Fayette Boutique in which Fayette means Little Fairy. She was making beautiful work and couldn't keep up with ideas. Meredith's best friend from work let her borrow her sewing machine and from there she learned how to sew which was even more exciting. It took some time for her boutique to take off but gone for a week from Facebook, all of a sudden she was backed up on orders, and was very pleased, and very thankful for it. It has slowed down, but she is not wanting to be 24/7 busy because to her it's mostly a hobby, and she thoroughly enjoy and loves doing it! What's heart warming for her is seeing and hearing that Mommy's face light up when she receives her custom order or hearing how the tutu at the baby shower was such a HIT! God truly touches her heart in moments like those. She has craft shows lined up and attended one so far that wasn't that busy, but she looks at the bright side of it and takes it as an experience. Living and Learning is an experience. Meridith's husband is her supporter to the end, and with everything else. Meridith's thrilled about her new beginnings and even though she doesn't rely on the income now, maybe someday it can be a reliable source. Meridith is proud to be a house wife and so blessed to have the talents for which He gave her. 

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13, stop on in and say "Hello" and be sure to let her know that Meet the Boutique sent you! :)

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