Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Valery

Meet Valery she's behind the This-n-That Boutique

Favorite color is red, and Mexican food is her favorite! Her hobbies is to shop garage sales, and thrift stores. She loves to turn something old into something new. Valery loves to spend time with her kids and watch them laugh and smile. She also loves to bake and do crafts of course!

She has always had a love for crafts, Valery grew up with a mom who did crafts and sold them to local stores in order to stay home with the family. Valery has always had dreams of behind a stay at home mom, and she worked full time until my fourth child was born. At the time, she met her now husband with his 3 kids, and then her 3 kids which made it 7 and it was just better her to stay home and for him to work full time. 2007 came along and she quit her job to work from home. Since then, she's tried to get her craft hobby turned into a business and has given up quite a few times. Valery is now focused and is ready to try it again, and she's not giving up this time! The joy she has had in the past 3 years staying at home with her kids is the motivation she needs. She loves being there for them to put them to bed at night, and wake up in the morning with them. Her children are her true inspiration for why she does what she does.

"If it does not break you, it will only make you stronger" is her favorite quote, and I personally love that! Thank you so much Valery for sharing your story, and readers please be sure to stop on by and check out her This-n-That Boutique tell her you saw her on MTB! :) Have a wonderful Wednesday all of my favorites!

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