Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah the owner behind Mommy Maid It!

Her favorite food is Pineapple Pizza! [NO way?! I love Pineapple on my PIZZA TOO!] Sarah's favorite colors are pink, pink, pink, and some more PINK! Hobbies are scrap booking, card making, bow making, cooking and of course playing with her kids.

Sarah has never "NEVER" bought her daughter bows. It just wasn't in their budget. Sarah looked on eBay and in little boutiques, but she could never afford them. Sarah wanted to make her daughter a little birthday bow, and she would wear it out and to school and people would say how cute it was. Then after awhile she taught her daughter that if anyone says they like your bow, say "My mommy made it!" After awhile it was catchy, and now my little bowtique is named "Mommy Maid it!", because sometimes it seems, she is much more of a maid than a mommy. She thought it was relate-able. Another thing Sarah likes people to know is that when purchasing something handmade items it is helping out a family! Sarah would much rather buy something handmade just for her, while helping another mom! Sarah is a little different and quirky but it shows through her designs, and that's who she is as a person. :) Her ultimate dream is to open a little boutique in Morro Bay, Cayucos of Cambria, CA she pictures it being very pink! :)

Stop on in and say Hello at "Mommy Maid it!" let her know you saw her on MTB!! Can you guess what her favorite quote/phrase/saying is??

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