Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Renee :)

Running behind a little bit, but here is...
Renee is behind the {Pretty Me! Boutique}

Favorite food is Broccoli [I LOVE IT TOO!!] :) She loves COLORS, period! Hobbies she can't get enough of are crafting, photography, web design (hey me too!), she does her best at singing, and reading she loves!

Behind the Pretty Me! Boutique, she is a mother of 5, but that doesn't stop her!! She never thought about making a business out of her hobby, until she decided to sell her creations at a craft fair. The more she thought about it, and the more unique her creations, treasures, crafts became! It hit Renee that she loved doing what she did, and make it into her profession! (GREAT IDEA!) Upon deciding to open a shop, she talked to her oldest daughter (She's 10 btw!) about doing it together! One on one time was and added bonus, thus "Pretty Me!" was born! They make a bow holder which is available for purchase, and they will have some more things that will be added soon! Renee loves that she has the ability to spend the entire day doing nothing but crafts, she would love too, but being a mother sometimes it's just not that possible.. :) Renee is thinking in the long run, making it into a family business! (I say go for it!!!)

Her saying is "WOOOOHOOOO!" lol, I LOVE IT!

Stop on in and check out Renee and her daughter's lovely items over at "Pretty Me!" and let them know you saw them on MTB! :)

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