Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet "A Diva's Design"

Her name behind the mask is Nikki Knull!!!

Hot Pink is her favorite color, the brighter the better (jkjk) !! Now a days, she doesn't have time to eat, what is that?? She lives off Dr. Pepper (funny, me too! oh and Mountain Dew!), she strives in making DIVALICIOUS designs for the little DIVA'S AND DIVO'S in our lives! Facebook is her addiction, something that she just can't get enough of! (Boy, we sure have a lot in common!) In her words " [*stands up*] Hello, my name is Nikki & I AM a FACEBOOK ADDICT!" <---- I so agree, there should be a "Fanpage" about this... Wait, NO, never mind then we'd all be on Facebook getting Facebook Addiction help! Oh no! Nikki is pretty awesome and care's so much about making something DIVA/OLICIOUS!

Now the story begins... her craftiness started well she's always been. Now some odd years ago, she was throwing her "little" sister a baby shower, and of course wanted it to be the BEST baby shower ever, that she went to Google (looking for all the right answers!) and found diaper cakes! She got to work on a 3 - tier diaper cake and she was pretty amazed at how pretty it turned out, that she had to make mini-matching ones of course for centerpieces and decoration! After all was said and done, people were telling her that it was a good idea to sell them! Slowly she did, and then she started experimenting with other ideas like wash cloths, to her designs of custom made! :) She can make them to suit the receiver! She made them, and realized they didn't sell as good as she hoped, but it made her more creative that she started making tutu's headbands, flowers and bows, and *BAM* she loved it! Nikki heard the same "you should sell those" again, and thus started her journey of "A DIVA'S DESIGN" selling HER boutique items along with the diaper cakes/towel cakes, that she sold before and WOW it grew! Adding her zipper jewelry, and the granted the rest turned into a GREAT CAREER choice and history! Nikki didn't want to leave out her son Xander, that she started adding things for DIVO's as well, like tie tee's, newsboy hats, and more! Her kids are the inspirations behind A DIVA'S DESIGN.

"FANTABOUSLY DIVALICOUS!" the exact way Nikki would put it! (Right on!)

Her journey sounds just like mine! :) Nikki, you should sell those! LOL, but yes you do amazing work and for a good price! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Be sure to stop on in and check her out! As well, as let her know you saw her on Meet the Boutique - MTB!

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