Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the American Tutu

Over at American Tutu, Emily Ramirez is busy at work on Tutu's and other items of course!

Emily loves "Light Blue" and of course anything Chocolate. Spare time calls for some Tennis, reading, American Tutu, and her adorable two (soon to be three) kiddos.

Major turn in Emily's career when her daughter Madelyn arrived! Previous to American Tutu, she was working as an Advertising Executive in California right out of the college years. When her second child, a son Mason made his debut exactly a year later, she knew that she could not go back into the traditional career world, for the reasons that she loves spending her time at home with the children, and her husband who is a USMC (United States Marine Corps) in which they move often. Upon the decision of staying home, she loves making her girlie accessories specifically for her daughter. Until she decided that would expand and share her special girlie accessories by opening up a shop online as her now American Tutu. The way American Tutu came to be, was it definitely described their everyday lives, in which it revolves around the country (United States), the military, and her husband who spends his life protecting it.

"Life is too short, not to be happy!" which she lives by! :)

Emily, Thank you so much for making tutu's everywhere you guys are stationed! Stop on by and visit her at both pages, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Emily, be sure to pick up your button! Don't forget to let your friends, and boutique clients know! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and letting us share it with our readers!

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