Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grand Opening! :)

Hello, and Welcome all my readers from the original blog! :) I am Leila, if some of you didn't already know. I am here to tell the story behind many Boutiques and what they have learned, experienced and found along the way!

I always felt that sometimes maybe Boutiques do have a reason why they do what they do! 

I know why I chose to do photography... IT IS A PASSION!!! How could it not be? I loved it from when I was very young, my mom was always taking pictures, I hated taking pictures, but honestly I loved being in the SPOTlight, and I feel like others should too! Grew a passion to give others the chance to get some professional photos for half the cost, and with EXCELLENT quality! I want to share my talents with those around me, and with times right now, who wouldn't want their Children, Family, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, and Seniors to look like models, and naturally living life in the moment!

Designing was like second nature to me, I grew up with being around friends who were almost always on the computer! They always wanted to HTML, CSS, and DIV LAYER it up! Secretly, I really believed my friends could code in their sleep! Next thing, I knew I was hooked, line and SUNK into the web world! From there, got my first program Paint Shop Pro, since I was using Paint still! I started getting better at it bought my first full edition of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and it blossomed into what I do now! I am a Graphic Designer, and I am proud of it! I do really affordable designs for those who need business cards, flyers, invitations, and much more! The possibilities are VERY endless! I take the guesswork out of your design! You just tell me what you like and VOILÀ! I love to share my knowledge! Just ask!

Well that's definitely a first post! Don't you agree? Stay tuned for more!!

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