Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't forget!

The weekend is here again! (YESSSSSSS!)

I won't be featuring any *SpotLight*'s on the weekends for the fact of, I try to get everything else done! (LOL, well attempt anyways right?!)

Just a reminder send in your story via e-mail, via Facebook Contact page! :) Please don't forget to include a 300x300 image as well... :) Uhmmmm, don't forget these stories are about what got you motivated to do what you do.. I don't want to read a sales pitch (really?), I want to hear the inspiration behind it all... If you think your story was a little sales pitchy feel free to re-write your story... :)

I am obviously up too late, but I can't help that I love to read the stories, and pick good ones!! I re-assure you I  will never delete a story, you can inquire about your story of course, but please be patient as I am trying to get EVERYONE up :) I want others to see your story, because I truly do love reading them!

Weekends are also for others to catch up on the reading process! :) I love followers, so come on and stalk us! BlogSpot/Blogger has it set up where you can follow us with your Gmail Acct, Twitter, Facebook so c'mon and join us everyday!!

Btw, just a reminder I love to read comments, and I am pretty sure that our Boutiques would love to hear some comments, please keep them clean & nice! Thank you so much everyone!!


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