Thursday, September 16, 2010

Details of Meet the Boutique

I have been asked so many questions already, so I feel it's appropriate to answer the questions here on the blog :) These will have their own page soon! :)

What is Meet The Boutique?
MTB is a blogging site, that will blog about any and all boutiques; businesses; foundations; and non-profit organizations and how they came to be what they are now! [if we are missing one... let us know!]

How do I share my story?
We have a "Get your Story Heard!" link in which you fill out the form with the as much information as you can to describe who you are (the boutique owner) and how your business came to be!

Why is there a Facebook fanpage?
The Facebook fanpage is a way to accumulate the Boutiques, business owners, foundations, and non-profit organizations to share info quicker, with links, meet other owners as well! Also for those who can't follow blogger/blogspot, they can get updates on the fanpage.

How do I write my story?
To write your story, you write it to MTB and we read, interpret and write it out on MTB. We tell your story the way you tell us. We give your story a chance, even though we are small, we want to grow to reach all four corners of the globe.. :) (We are the writers for you!)

Thank you to EVERYONE! :)

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