Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Autumne Foley-Pica

Autumne Foley-Pica is behind the Baby Creations Boutique!

Pink is her favorite color, and anything Italian is great! Hobbies are anything crafty (yup!) and of course anything that has to do with her husband and her 2 munchkins (her children)! :)

Stories are always because we are crafty (well women that I know of)! Autumne's craftiness never ventured as far as girly crafty stuff before, so her chance was as soon as she found out she was having a girl! Autumne went crazy buying up things everywhere and anywhere she could find cute things to dress her up in, of course spending a fortune in the process! After her daughter was born, she started making simple bows and headbands. Then on, it grew, grew, grew, and GREW! Autumne never thought about selling it to anyone until her diaper cakes she was selling to locals were becoming more and more popular, someone suggested it be on facebook... when thus "Baby Creations Boutique". Starting out just diaper cakes it started being more of her other crafts and such she enjoyed making for her daughter. Autum loves making new things, and getting the challenges that some customers send her. As well as the great reward of getting e-mails and pictures after they have received their items! Her 1 year facebook fan page anniversary is coming up in November and looking back on her past year, she's met so many great people through her page, and she can't wait for another year!

The saying that keeps her going, "Fight till you can't fight anymore, and when you get to that point just fight a little more, cause in the long run you are the one to really make all your dreams come true!" <--- definitely the truth!

Stop on in, and let her know you saw her on MTB! :) Thank you everyone and keep up the good work Autumne!

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