Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store

Here is Angel Pearson, owner of The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store (WEDDINGS!!!)

(click above for her blog)

Angel is very passionate about weddings, that when she has time she enjoys writing, quilting, dancing with her child, making bread (YUM!), worshiping, laughing and loving with all of her heart!

Her quote may contain some in appropiate words for the younger viewers, but it's censored. :)

"If I have to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it one more time, the elastic is going to break, and then I'll have to show my @*s." (I love it, HAHAHA)

Here's her story, and I think it's very detailed, so I'm going to just take and post it (completely written by Angel Pearson):
"Do you remember how stressful it was to plan your wedding?- Things have changed, and hopefully for the better!

I started out as New Zealand's youngest marriage Celebrant, and over the past decade I've seen so many couples drive themselves nearly insane over something that's supposed to be one of the greatest days of their lives, mostly due to the fact that they're expected to somehow become an expert on wedding planning - something they've never done before, and are not planning to ever do again. It seemed to me that there wasn't anywhere you could get good advice - Your mother, sisters and aunts all mean well, but have their own bias, the wedding planner's been promised of a fat commission for any referrals, your friends have no more clues than you - so where do you go?
That was the inspiration for The Wedding Whisperer's Corner Store - a free, independent, bridal advisory service based on 10 years and hundreds of different weddings experience. Because I've seen first hand how different companies work, I'm easily able to make a recommendation that will match the couple with the vendor who is best able to fulfill their requests. The Corner Store is full of albums, scrapbooks and samples for couples to really be able to make informed decisions about their wedding plans.
We also stock a huge range of wedding products, sourced from all around the world. I love a challenge, and enjoy tracking down hard-to-find items - from wedding themed toilet paper to colour matched confetti - I've had brides burst into tears realizing that the item they've spent hours googling to find is already here on our shelves, or only an email away.
For me, it's not about the pricetag. Along with all the beautiful brand new and designer label product we stock, we also sell second hand bridal gowns, shoes, and accessories on behalf, and can recommend for weddings with a budget of $5k as easily as one with $55k to spend. I'm passionate about helping couples achieve the day they're dreaming of - [or if necessary, helping them realign their dreams so that they are humanly possible.] Sometimes it's as simple as pointing out that the secluded venue they're dreaming of doesn't actually have running water or electricity, or suggesting they use a dulux paint chip to find a sample of the exact shade of green they're trying to match. Sometimes it's trickier, like tracking down a cake topper with a NZ firefighter theme, or finding a replacement gown for the one that got lost in transit from Canada, in time for a wedding this afternoon!
The Corner Store has been open in Nelson for a little over a year - we opened our doors on my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary, which
I passionately believe that, while planning a wedding can be a huge challenge, it should never be overwhelming, and I'm loving every day that I get the opportunity to smooth the path between "Will you...?" to "...I do!""

I really believe that this is what Brides-To-Be, Fiances, Couples, and Women in general need is somewhere to go with questions that are only an e-mail away! Even though I've never had the BEAUTIFUL wedding I would love to have, we are planning to re-new our vows in 2013 and I've been looking for an advisor who will help for FREE! Who doesn't want to ask a question for FREE!? She has a big heart in helping these ladies, or maybe even one of you, to smoothly plan a STRESS-FREE wedding!

Thank you Angel, for your advice, and help for those stress-ful times!! :)

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